WHAT A SURPRISE a beautiful enormous bunch of flowers !

WHAT A SURPRISE      a beautiful enormous bunch of flowers !

For me - why- from whom? Had to collect from the florist and it is a stunning hand tie of pig carnations, lillies . chrysanths and crisp green fresh foliage but why who?

A little card amongst the flowers "to make you smile" well they did that and it turns out they are from some lovely friends in the next village who were worried about me and thought I needed cheering up. How simply lovely was that!

No particular reason just because they care :)

Wonderful so nice things happen sometimes don't they!


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  • Hi gins,

    That's lovely and has started the weekend (and March) off well for you. Sounds like the flowers did what your friends wanted and more. It's good to know people care :)

    Pip xx

  • Hi Pip yes it certainly worked and it was a huge surprise :) xgins

  • How marvelous they are lovely and what a gesture from your friends. :P hugs suexxx.

  • I am lucky aren't I and for no particular reason LOL :) xgins

  • Wow. How lovely.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful bouquet.

    Have a good day.



    I brought 3 pots of Muscari to give to various mates yesterday.

    It must be in the air.

  • Well done Ned one of my favourite plants so gorgeously blue like the sky in summer time. What a good friend you must be. Well done xxgins

  • Na just got good mates. I sometimes wonder how they put up with me.


  • Hi Nancy they certainly do brighten up your day dont they? xxgins

  • Awwww that is great gins, how lovely and caring knowing you were a bit down, to cheer you up :-) You are such a lovely lady no wonder you have lovely friends sending you flowers, and just knowing they are there and really care is great :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh foggy it is great isn't it - every time I pass them I stop and smile :)


  • AWwwwwww that is so lovely gins I can see you're lovely smile from here :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I hope they can make you smile too babes xgins

  • Hi gins,

    isn't that lovely! What a beautiful gift to receive.



  • It is isnt it once I had found out who they were from -- xgins

  • Lovely. you deserve it. Wish I could say it was me but it wasn't :P :P

  • Thanks and I am sure you do deserve some so I am sending a virtual bunch to you xgins

  • Aww, they're lovely. Thanks x

  • Hi gins, wasnt that so thoughtful of them, they are beautiful, but no more than you deserve, you deserve to be treated and cheered up, it's amazing what one small thought and gesture can do to lift the spirits isn't it.. Take care gentle hugs....Dee xxx

  • Dee thank you for your kind wowrds xgins

  • A moment of perfect beauty!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ken you are a perfect gentleman how is the back doing now hope it is easing off xgins

  • Hi Gins what beautiful flowers and what a beautiful thought, and the song plying on the radio is 'something beautiful' how apt.

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