Hi I am on Esa support group benefit and have been for almost 2 years. I received a assessment form from them in Sept, I rang JCP and ask

why I'd to fill form in again. They said its a re - assessment, I've filled it in and returned it. Last time it was back within 2 wks, its been 4 now not heard anything. This is making me really on edge,cannot stop thinking about it after hearing so many bad things happening to people.

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  • I've got one too after 11 months in support group.

    I hope your claim is successful.


  • I Sandra I know i'l hear something eventually but with all the stories you hear, I've got myself worked up. I haven't worked for 8yrs now. I hope your claim is successfull good luck.

  • Hi, I have just sent off my 3rd ESA form, it can take quite a while to get a reply. I don't want to worry you, but I had to go to tribunal both times which I won. So don't panic if they do turn you down, just appeal it. but I hope you don't have any problems getting it. I have never been in the support group always WRANG.

  • Thanks Mazz for your comments, I cannot do with the waiting it gets on edge. Filling the form in was bad enough having to do a bit a day due to chronic pain and stiffness in my hand, I haven't worked for 8yrs now. I thought when I got reply to last one, and I was placed on support group that would be it. My illnesses are on going and will get worse not better. Just want a answer, its a waste of time and money in a lot of cases. Good luck with your's

  • It is looking like a new policy to reassess every 12 months and it seems that it is an average of 12 to 15 weeks for replies.

    I won my appeal but will be reassessed in 12 months and I am on support group too.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Offcut a waste of energy and paperwork in my opion.

  • It does keep them in work though ;)

  • Hi, I'm in the work related group. I was assessed by ATOS 2 years ago, and thought I was due for my review in December and have already started panicking! Anyway, I had an interview with a lady at the jobcentre yesterday and she said my review would be in February, and that there is a big backlog with ATOS so it may be March/April before I'm re-assessed. So that may be why you've not heard anything yet (I'm in Devon by the way) I hope that makes sense? I can't seem to string a sentence together lately :) Good Luck x

  • I know what you mean, its just so confusing but make's you on edge all the time your waiting. I have enough on coping with all the pain and lack of movement. Hope your review goes in your favor when you eventually get one. Good luck

  • This new system is just making ill people more ill !!!!! When you are really ill it is exhausting trying to deal with all the paper work and trying to make sense of it all is mind blowing !!!!

    I've known people who are not as ill as they say they are !!! And because they are not so ill they have loads of energy and can fill forms in all day long !!! Also they are able to argue until they make themselves herd !!! Whereas having fibro your words are all over the place your writing is horrible and trying to get those forms filled in is sheer hell on the pain levels !!!! Another friend of mine who's has a load of health problems couldn't even open the envelope it depressed her so much she couldn't physically deal with the forms ! I told her that these forms pick on the defenceless ! Many have left them and lost all THIER benefits ! I talked her round and she's been lucky to get into the support group she cried like a baby on the phone to me !

    I know its difficult and I worry I will be turned down BUT PLEASE keep at it because everyone of us that loses their money will not be able to work so we no longer are the governments problem !!! We won't get jobseekers because we can't work ! But the ones that are not so ill will still get their benefits !!!! How fair is that ?????? If you keep trying you will feel such a sense of achievement when you get the result you are untitled to !!!!!! Good luck x

  • I totally agree I filled re - assessment form in about 7wks since, Its only 18 mnths since I was assessed and put in support group. Then I've had to go through it all again, It took me ages I have various health problems one being fibromyalgia. Which causes me chronic pain all over, my fingers go through agony when writing or typing. I pushed myself doing so much a day, it grows slowly I did not leave anything out though how ever much pain I went through. Now I am worrying myself sick as I haven't had a reply back. You are right the whole process makes you feel even worse if that's possible, why if you've got things wrong with you that are not going to get better, but progressively worse. Why waste the time and money having these section of people fill the forms in again and again. x

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