What scares you ???

What scares you ???

Ok I have to admit it .... for no reason I am terrified of the dentist... I don't know why she's lovely.... I have had a painless filling from her ....she is so friendly... But since last night I have been nervous stressed and now the morning is here .arrgghhhh I want to hide behind the settee I am flaring .... I have listened to my relaxation tapes , I Know its going to be ok .... Ah well any one else got anything they are scared of for no reason????

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  • SPIDERS!!!!

    No matter how small I quake at the thought of them, let alone the actual sight.

    I know they won't harm me, but I never stick around long enough to find out.

    I can cope with most things life throws my way, so this annoys me that there is something I can't beat.

  • I'm terrified of flying. All the time the 'plane is in the air, I'm hanging on to the arm rests, rigid with fear and all of a cold sweat.

    I know air travel is incredibly safe, but somehow it seems abnormal to be sealed in a metal tube, a mile above the earth, with a hundred or more other people who phart and complain about things. I never say a word - except "Thank God!" as the wheels touch the ground.

    I used to fly at least once a week with my job, and everyone said I would get used to it, but I didn't! I managed somehow, and actually began to feel that I was very brave, but I was kidding myself :O

    The odd thing is, that I used to get 3-4 days of relief from fibro after a flight. Air-pressure? I dunno - it certainly wasn't relaxation!

    Moffy x

  • Hehehe Moffy, I think I'm nearly with you on this, until the lure of a visit to Tuscany I never thought I would fly again after a nightmare flight to Spain. I had managed just one long haul to Canada in a cigar tube which was only coped with having taken Valium . I nearly was stopped in my tracks again after a visit to Tuscany, coming back and then flying down to Newquay from Stanstead where the plane didn't land, it was planted in the runway ! - with much consternation to all passengers, even the stewardesses were clearly shaken. I have flown sincerely but like you I spend most of the flight worrying and praying we'll make it and thanking God hugely when safely back in the terminal, you notice I don't now say when we've landed. :o :o

    Foggy x

  • Problem solved ... I,ll fly somewhere nice crewed by spiders and one of you go to the dentist for me........ :D grins while I can

    Vg x

  • I'll go to the dentist for you VG as long as I don't have to encounter Leroy en-route

    ;-) :o ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh my word, you're not going to like this VG ......... I'm terrified of ......snakes :o As a child I lived somewhere where adders were very common, a friend got bitten when she was about 7 and was really ill. It scared me rigid and makes no sense really as I used to love slow worms which are very snake like, they don't scare me to this day, but oh snakes, i remember seeing an Indiana Jones movie and there was a pit full of them, I ran out of the cinema, scared and shaking eeeeeeek .........runs and hides at the mere thought

  • One of my Brothers Mates had a snake (constrictor) as a pet, it hated her hubby and kept trying to strangle him........

    I don't mind snake... I have eaten some, when I was 8 in London in a posh restaurant with my rich Aunt...

    As I remember it was like eating a meaty fish, not meat like a chicken as people say.... but don't really remember much only it ticked Auntie off cause it was one of the most expensive things on the menu LOL


  • Stares sternly ...... I have a pet snake..... Who also hates my OH ..... :D

    I will not tell Leroy you have. Eaten snake... He would be traumatised....

    Vg x

  • awww I'm sorry... I was 'ikkle at the time.... and it was only cause it ticked mi auntie of.... soz Leroy I like snakes honest I do....

    I know.... A snake is for life... not with sniggles and chips... :o

  • Hmmm - yes, I'm not too keen on slithery boot-laces! Snakes on a Plane would be my ultimate terror-fest :O

    Moffy x

  • Oh my word Moffy, exactly - see above..... Are we twins? ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Quite possibly! :)

  • Excuse me if I am Moffys twin already we must be triplets ...

    Oh my life I don't know which is worse .. Three Moffys three Foggys or 3 Vg s

  • Knock me out of the equation, I'm a proper twin already so that would bring him into the picture and I most certainly wouldn't wish any of his features, characteristics, or anything about him on anyone !! Love him, but best at 140 odd miles apart ;-)

  • Dentists daddy long legs (I hear them enter the room!) And birds particularly pigeons ; ( and I'm a hyonotherapist!!

  • Ho yes.... I HATE daddy long legs.... I got one trapped in my eye (which at the time was clapped shut) when I was a baby in the pram... I have hated the YUKKY things ever since... I used to have cats, and if a long legged beasty got in a room I would put the cat in the same room, shut the door and wouldn't go back in till I heard crunchin' of legs.... EWWWWWWWW they make me proper shiver... Glad there not around all year.... Did you know they were the most poisonous creatures on the planet... Just they don't have pointy teeth to bite with.... So we have a just cause why were repulsed by the blighters....x

  • I don't mind 'Daddy Long Legs', but I know what you mean about the sound they make. When my son was a little boy, he used to call them 'snigglers' - and that's exactly the noise they make - sniggle-sniggle!

    One of my worse memories is my mother cooking chips, and a sniggler landed in the boiling oil. It didn't die quietly, and I couldn't fancy chips for some time after that! :O

    Moffy x

  • Oh my word, for you to be off your chips that sniggler must have been something else............hehehehe .......knowing Moffy's predilection for chips ;-) :D ;-)

    Foggy x


  • I used to know a girl who was terrified of tall flowers , if she saw hollyhocks or gladioli she would run away, you couldn't get her to go past them !! Then again, maybe she could have happily picked up a snake so as they say "each to their own". Hehe

    Foggy x

  • ....Oooooo wouldn't do well in a field of sunflowers then.... hey Mate xxx

  • Nope that was the third flower which I was racking my poor denuded brain for the name of , as you know only too well Andie my head is not attached to the rest of me atm ;-)

    Foggy x

  • I know a lot of people are scared of ATOS, me included. :)

  • Good point esa

  • Spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, just no!

    Things touching me when I used to go in the sea.....


  • LOL soooo funny LOL

  • ....walking on piers.... If I can see the sea between the planks...don't like it...

    I love the sea, I love the fact I can get out into the waves on a pier... but if I can see through it, I am frozen to the spot and wibbel like a wobbly thing LOL

    Go figure?? xxx

  • Doctors. Definitely doctors. They always seem to pick and choose what they want to sort out and not always issues that I feel could do with some input.



  • Tut tut, Jillylin, the idea is to make your doctor afraid of YOU - it can be done with practice. VG and I have both seen off quite a few of them! :D

    Moffy x

  • Dentists & caterpillars....I have a phobia about the caterpillars & hate dentists 'cos I've been on the receiving end of some really really bad treatment from them. Teeth pulling without the gum being properly numb HURTS...add in fibro & OUCH! :-(

  • hey, jeniwren, your ultra nightmare would be a dentist who kept caterpillars then!!!,at least they turn into beautiful butterflies whereas spiders just grow bigger!!

  • My friend at uni was scared of clowns!?! Spiders for me, I actually went to see arachnophobia when it was in the cinema! Numpty xx

  • I'm not keen on wasps, and I am very claustrophobic, it gets worse as I get older. Fire is another thing I'm scared of.

  • Scared of anything who moi? Lol

    Well where do I begin, have you got a couple of hours to spare? Lol again!!!

    Bibi x

  • spiders too I am afraid, I am ok with small ones but where I live you get 'em so big you could put a saddle on them and ride 'em in the flippin' Grand National !!! ( my partner read this over my shoulder and seems to think to think I am slighty exaggerating, what me?!!!)

  • JCBs and any large mobile machinery, road plant etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dentists, spiders and especially flying :-(

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