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I informed my employer last week (I have worked here for 12 months next week) about my fibro diagnosis and that I now had a blue badge

The main reason for doing this was because i needed to take an hour off today because the occupational health specialist is visiting me at home to see what help they can give me e.g. perching stool in the kitchen and a bath board to help me shower. My main problems are walking and standing and because my job is mainly sitting down it does not affect my job although my office is in a basement down some stairs and it can be painful going up and down the stairs.

I have been asked by my boss today to ask the occupational health specialist for a written letter to say that my working environment is okay for my condition.

I am worried that this is the first step in him using my illness to get rid of me.

Does anyone know where i stand?

I am not sure that the occupational health person will be able to provide such a letter as he hasnt seen my working environment and, failing that, my boss has said he wants a letter from my doctor.

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They cannot just get rid of you :) they probably need the letter in case anything happens to you and to be honest an occupational assessment can only be to your benefit, if you can manage to keep using the stairs then that's great and I really do hope you can :) my employer worked with me and an independent occupational health professional and also my doctor to try and keep me in work but unfortunately the pains and fatigue were just too much and after 12 months of trying anything and everything they eventually had to end my employment but it was by talking it through with me and HR first. Unfortunately I have a problem sitting for too long I am in bed at the moment lying down typing this and even that is painful. I am sure if you speak to your employer and ask them why they need a letter there will be a perfectly good explanation, do you use a walking stick or crutch? and does your company have a disabled parking bay? all companies have to conform to the Disability Act and cannot discriminate against a disabled person on the grounds of their disability they must have a perfectly good reason to terminate employment and they must follow the correct procedures to do this or they would be faced with a tribunal which could cost them dearly. I do hope it all works out for you please let me know sending you very gentle fluffy hugs xx


As your boss now knows you have a disability problem, he has to make sure the office is safe for you to work in, ie put grab rails on the stairs, install a wheelchair ramp or stair lift etc, or move you to an area where you do not need to use steps.


Hi esagestapo, long time no see, how you doing ?


What your boss should be doing is asking WHETHER your working environment is suitable so that reasonable adjustments can be made if not, rather than asking for confirmation that it IS suitable x


Exactly, it is HIS job to make sure the office is suitable for disabled use, no OH or GP letters will fix it for him.


Hi, I had to go and see a company doctor who basically said that my condition, was unpredictable, even when controlled with medication, then it was to be expected to have possibly a higher level of sickness days due to my condition and what's associated with its other symptoms, mine is depression and my immune system is naff so I pick up bugs quickly, as my daughter is in primary school and she has always been a carrier.

I am covered by the disability act 2010 so they would need a better excuse than using my sick days. Thankfully they aren't that bad. However I am going through redundancy at the moment so stressing about a potential new employer and how they will handle it.

There is also a social services (I think it's them), where they can work with your employer by providing you with equipment as in a chair, keyboard etc to keep you in work. I have a made to measure chair, that cost just short of a grand and a keyboard support to help me as I suffer most with my back and wrists. There is help out there and hopefully you have a good boss who will work with you instead of against you

I will try and find my paperwork and give you the number.

I would cross my fingers but they hurt now lol :)


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