Visited stepdaughter

All all my new caringfriends. I visited Wendy yesterday, had to see her.

Herself and family had a little ceromony and buried babe in a pot under a magnolia tree she had planted. Wendy was very positive And I told her very brave. She is well in herself.

She was out with her boys and she said she is not spiritually but s tiny pink butterfly flew all around her car screen, juzt for a few seconds and said to me I knew it was a girl and maybe she was trying to tell me, wendy said she would have liked to have thought so.

So on this night shift who ever is sharing ground hog, I would like you to have a friend k with me and toast to the tiny pink butterfly and send her on her way to grow into something beautiful in the higher gardens of life.

I thank-you all for the hugs and well wishes over the last few days. Xxx

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  • Prayers said for your daighter-in-law and the tiny pink butterfly.

    Gentle and loving hugs to you both.

    Becky X

  • Blessings and a host of little pink butterflies with love

    night walker


  • Yes I believe pink butterfly was a sign. So sorry for your and your step daughters loss.

    Gentle hugs.

  • Love to you all xx

  • Hello

    This is just my personal opinion but I think that butterflies are a sign that there is an angel around.

    I'm not saying this to make you feel better it's my true belief. That and white feathers.

    I am sure that the babe will grow into something beautiful in the higher gardens of life ✨ 💐

    I am thinking of you all

    Many gentle hugs Lu xx

  • Thank-you that is my beliefad well, and it made wendy ssee a glimmer of hope. Xx

  • oh I'm so sorry, thinking of you. big hugs sent your way. x

  • Sending soft, pink fluttery hugs your way xx

  • Still thinking of you cathy... and lifting your family in prayer.

    Can only see hope and promise for the future ... as we have experienced in two of our daughters' families.

    With love ... bk

  • sending you all love. I too believe it was a sign. when I see a robin I believe an angel is near of someone I have loved and lost. my heart goes out to you xx

  • All my hopes and dreams for you x

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