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Breast screening update

After reading all the replies i got last time and speaking to someone from the local maggie centre I contacted the secretary of the surgeon who had told me no surgery required, come back in a year. Explained I was not confident that was correct as I had previously been told I would be having surgery within 3 weeks, and i wished to speak to the surgeon again. Was told i would receive phone call from her, but instead was asked back to hospital tosee her in person. Instead of an explanation I was informed in a very hurried manner that results had been looked at again and there was 'an area of concern' and I would indeed be having surgery. I was given time and date for pre op checks and surgery. I then received letter saying these had been brought forward, tomorrow (today rather) I go for pre op checks in morning and see surgeon again in afternoon, with op taking place next Wednesday. Hopefully I will finally get a full explanation tomorrow. Just goes to show if you think doctors have made a mistake do something about it. Thanks to all who responded to my previous posts, and a special thanks to Paddysmum.

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Glad you phoned them back after all. Good on you for that. All the best when it comes round x

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Thank you so much for sharing this update with us all. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best my friend, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


All the best sazzy.

I hope it all comes out ok in the end.

Hugs sue. XXX


Good luck with everything,hope all goes well,so glad you phoned them and double checked. NEVER take chances with your health . All the very best Hun.


Good luck, hope all goes well x


good luck hope all goes well x


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