Daith piercing for migraine

Amongst my other pain problems I am experiencing many migraines which are getting me down and I have a friend who has had a small piercing in her ear which has reduced her migraines substantially to just 2 a month which I could cope with. Has anyone else this done and if so has it worked?

I have looked on the net and there are mixed feelings about it. I spoke to my doctor who advised me to see an acupuncturist first and have a temporary needle put in which you tweak and see if that works before you have a proper piercing. There are 2 in the town I live in and I can't get hold of either of them as they are so busy. I am trying out of town now. I would appreciate any thoughts on the idea. Thanks.

Lizzie xx

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  • I have heard of this Liz- years ago and I thought it was an old wives tale! However if you try it and it works- as long as you are not piercing anywhere that blood would pour, then let us know if it works. I take Sumatriptine for onset of migraine and these stop the full blown migraine emerging..

  • I've never heard of this, how is it different to normal ear piercing I wonder, a different part of the ear I expect, I'm going to look into it as I suffer like you.

    I used to take Sumatriptine like you caz-54 , but apparantly you can't take it after a certain age I think its 65 so I was taken off it.

  • Wow I didn,t know that Mydexter I,ll need to ask my g.p about that coz mine is brought on by muscle tightening at the back of my neck and was prescribed by Neuro team 2 years ago after it caused a sub arachnoid!

  • Yes that's where the pain starts with me too in my neck , I think a lot of it is caused by tension in the muscles, I can't be on the computer for too long as I can feel it starting 😟

    I just googled the instructions and it's not recommended for anyone over 65.

  • Oh well, I ve got 3 more years to try to sort it out with stretching and sleeping differently, I recently tried to finish an Aran sweater I started and I noticed one side of my neck has stiffened a bit, that looking down for too long!!!

  • Hi liz123 I have heard of this but never known anybody who had it done. I think I would follow your doctor's lead and see an acupuncturist to see if it works before you have a permanent go.

    It is an interesting concept though, please come back and let us know the outcome.


  • Hi there

    This subject has been discussed a few times on the forum over the years.

    Try putting some key words in the search bar on the top right and you'll be able to read previous posts about this.

    I know some people have found it has worked really well for them.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • my husband and youngest son both went and got it done, and it did nothing, both are still plagued with headaches. I have said it could be because they have daily headaches, but son does suffer migraines, has done since a young boy. I think its a case of wether you try it and see for yourself.

  • Thank you everyone. I am still trying to contact an acupuncturist but will go that route first before taking the plunge with the real thing. I will let you know how I get on.

    I am 70 and not allowed the zomig (zomiltriptan) tablets anymore as a Preventative . My friend swears by her piercing and was completely floored by her migraines so maybe she is lucky and the piercing is tiny and hardly shows. Her grandchildren think she is ' a groovy granny' lol . Will be in touch

    Lizzie xx

  • Hi

    Yes I have heard of it our Drug and Alcohol unit use it a lot not sure if it helps but don't see why it shouldn't.


  • Hi liz123

    I have heard of it but know little about it. I have pasted a *Google search definition about it below:

    *Daith piercings, which involve piercing through the ear's innermost cartilage fold, have become a popular new trend in managing chronic migraines and headaches. ... The concept behind daith piercings for migraine relief is rooted in acupuncture and pressure points.2 Oct 2016

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this if you decide to go ahead with it, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Lizzie 😀 You peeked my interest when you mentioned migraines. I am very interested in the name of this procedure. I have not heard if it here in USA. I too sufferers with them but mine are not the typical kind. They are a bit*ch though. I suffer from them daily 2-3xs faithfully. I can feel them coming on & pop in my Topomax & gabapentin. 12 hours after I take a medicine called Geodon, my headache really comes in & I end up taking 80 Mg's & 1 10 Mg's of buspa. 1-2 hours after a nap, I am migraines free for 4 hours until the usual cycle. Discovered past 4 months after 4 bacterial infection, all of my medications do not work. I suffer from depression, anxiety, damn psychiatrist labelled me as bi polar, Bull SHI*, thyroid problems x osteoarthritis, degenerate arthritis, FM, CFS , etc. I go crazy!!! ANYBODY READING THIS HAVE THIS PROBLEM ALSO? Solution is antibiotics. Wish I could help U. I can sympathize only besides send gentle hugs & pray for U. Please keep us posted whatever your decision is OK.


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