Hope its a better or BETTER year to us all hopefullyxxx mine started off not to well..but im holding my head up

And hanging in there..im shocked as my friend was the first one tio text me. But always the last one to turn up only wen she wants somethink..ive hesitated to text her back as i feel she let me down a liitle of late and ive been very good to her...but im thinking is she a true friend as i feel she really doesnt put herself out to come to see me...i dont exspect anyone to drop and run to me...

but she run to me like mad wen she is is in trouble..just feeling a little used at this moment..so my new year is starting with MO MORE LENDING MONEY OUT.... then ive asked myself we see who is a true friend..LESSON LEARNEDXXX

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  • Happy new year bigfattoe. We live and learn my friend :) xx

  • I know im learning fast as it is hitting me right in front of me..and im getting angry with myself for doing it..my new year res is NO MORE LENDING MONEY...i aint got any

    Them are going to be my last FAMOUS WORDS

  • here here x

  • Lol yes i agree imust be getting older and wiser xxx happy new year

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that your new year did not get off to a good start and I sincerely hope that it gets better for you. I always think that friends and money are a lethal combination! The amount that I have lent out never to be seen again is frightening! Please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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