diary of a bored patient 1

diary of a bored patient 1

my normal cardio man came to exam me in the hospital he asked if a few of his younger doctors could attend . one of them examined me .touched my wrists i said ow touched my ankles i said ow then i got a bit bored and began to answer in tune like ow ow ow ow owow ow ow ow owow ow owow

surgeon laughed and saidstop it petal then turned to young doctor what is you diagnosis he looked confused and then the surgeon rescued him by saying if you had asked to read her notes first as you should have you would have realised she has fibro.

well at least thats a few more doctors up and coming that i have trained corrrectly.

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  • Bless you , was sorry to hear you are in hospital . Glad you managed to hold on to your sense of humour . hope you get sorted and home soon xx

  • humour was easy to hold on to but allmosesty went out of the window.....

  • Hi Petal i was sorry 2 hear u r in hospital but glad 2c u & ur sense of humor r bk on here X Gentle hugs & big :)s X

  • glad fibro symptoms is being teached to new docs, maybe the next generation of fibro sufferers will get more understanding than we do! xx

  • omg i hope so i am winding the nursing staff ears and anyone else who getstoo close lol

    my specialist understands it as does my gp.

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