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really really ooouuuucccchhhhhhhh !!!!

as people may know i had a tooth out on tuesday ,

well it has gradually got more and more painful ,so saturday afternoon i rang

the emergency dentist ,which was a help line ,the lady who was very nice ,

took the details down and said that all the emergency dentists were closed in my area ,

so she said i mustnt leave it and i must go to A&E ,great on a saturday night :(

so thankfully it was only a couple of hours ,the doc says i have an infection in my gums ,that is affecting my cheek ,jaw ,nose ,ears and if the pain goes any higher i must go back to A&E straight away as the infection could be affecting the tissues in my eye !

so i have two antibiotics to take which will hopefully sort it out ,still in a lot of pain

but touch wood it hasnt gone into my eye :)

all from having a tooth out .

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Sending big hugs hun, you have definatly put me more off going to the dentist lol.

I hope the antibiotics work soon hun.

hugs and love kel xxxx


Awww lynz! Hugs sweetie.

It never rains but it pours for us Fibromites hmmm? I so hope that the Antibiotics do a good job and the infection is not affecting the eye tissue.

Tons of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Carol xx


bless you hunni love n hugs!!!! ps try eat some live yoghurt cos 2x antibiotics can strip all good bacteria from body, end up with tummy probs and thrush xxxx


Awww lynz,

Sounds awful on top of everything else, hope you feel much better soon,

sending big hugs and loadsa love xxxxxx


ah bless take care hunni extra soft hugs xx


thanks everyone :) xxxxx


I am having problems with my teeth too. I have had shoddy work done on them, wonky bridge fitted and broke a tooth on upper left, dentist drilled it down to a single peg and left it like that. My mouth was numb so I didnt realise what he had done. Went back and he fitted a temporary crown on it, but it has a hole in it, and I am still in pain. I am going back to my old dentist on Friday. I went to this other dentist because he is just 5 mins walk from my house. The other is a drive away


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