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Went to see a GP today as an emergency appointment you just see who ever is on duty but she was a lovely lady explained that i have had a cold and now feel like it is going to my chest as starting to cough and chest feels sore she gave my chest andback a good listening to and said she felt i was going to get an infection it was in my upper tract at the moment but could work its way down so she gave me a weeks course of amoxicillian to start in 2 days time if i get worse as she knew it was bank holiday so that was good of her she also gave me 100 cocodamol as i explained i had thrown them out monday by mistake my appointment was at 10 and i was back in car with all my tablets by 10.20 so that was good lets hope it doesnt come to anything but if it does i havent got to try to get an emergency on a bank holiday

love to you diddle x

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Aww no! Sending you warm gentle hugs of love to wrap you in. Hope the antibiotics work .poppy xx


thankyou sure i will be ok i am a tough old bird lol love to you diddle x


Diddle sorry you are still unwell it is bad enough that you have fibro without having a chest infection as well Stay in and keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. Take care sending you gentle hugs and get better soon, love Violet


Well, that is good news Diddle. It was done with out the normal Hiccoughs! Lol! Gentle Huggles! xxx


Oh dear diddle sorry to hear that I hope it doesnt turn into anythng its the last thing you need

take it easy

sending soft hugs

Penny xxx


didle anti histimines work well for upper tract infections, my eldest daughter is always ill with this


thanks for that i got some of those i feeling worse by the hour at min jus suddenly going down love diddle xxxxx


Bless ya, diddle feel for ya hun, I am just getting over a horrid virus that saw me in bed for 3 days and not great for the rest of week.

My Mum came earlier and I was telling her I had no food, she said lets go get some. So a quick wizz round supermarket and shattered again, all hot and feverish. :( hope this wkend is better. Just think so much going around, this dull deary weather does not help.We need SUNSHINE :)

Take care of your self, plenty of fulids and rest. Chat over wkend,

Big hugs Lou x


Hope you get over your infection soon, stay warm gentle hugs..luv maryxx


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