stopped all painkillers but these tablets are helping me so much

hi evr1, I came on here a while ago about the pain i was in an cocodmol 30/500 was not helping at all but doc had said there is nothing more they are the strongest tabs can give an you said i was being fobbed off i was hurting everywhere knees hips arms back an feeling horrible with the painkillers. this sounds daft considering the pain i was in i was thinking back to last year when taking low glucosamine i thought im sure they made a difference but never kept up with them & vitamins so i thought RIGHT ive had enough of being in pain & feeling like this so i started taking high strength Glucosamine sulphate 2kci 1500mg for 10 days now an im feeling tons better they have helpt so much with the pain the pain has gone from my hips knees back n legs i still get the stiffness which i dont mind ive so much more energy an i just feel so much better in myself the cold hasn't got to me like it always did i had all family down the other my 3 sons wife's girlfriends grandchild an that would av wept me out for days but no ive been on my feet evr day doing an also exercising most days an i have took no painkillers at at all .so i just want to pass on my good news an hope some of you will try it they have no side affects like painkillers ????????? they started working the 1st day so well worth a try n see what you think love n hugs xxxxxxxxx

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  • PS got mine off ebay for £7.99 for 90 by natures aid high strength

  • Hi, That sounds so much like my experience, ive been taking co-codamol with no relief, Dr fobbed me off other day. But what u have posted sounds so much worth a try. Thanks for the post.


  • hi,yes please try them an let us know what you think xxx

  • I hope you continue to get relief from your pain, only time will

    Tell if you were coming to the end of a flare when you started

    Taking these tablets and that is why they seem to be working

    I really hope that you will continue to be pain free interesting to

    See. If you have been taking them for 10 days they seem promising

    Don't they

  • hi no i know they are making a big difference with all this cold weather i would feel crap an in bed thinking maybe could be more Arthritis pain we are feeling as this helps the joints xx

  • will be at Holland and Barrett tomorrow x cheers for this xx

  • your welcome hope they help you like they have me make you get the right ones as they have different ones good luck xx

  • Thank you: chicme I will give them been in so much pain lately try anything to get some sleep hugs x

  • your welcome ,i cant believe how much better i feel my family can see the difference in me they said ive got a spring in my step ive not had for a long time hope they help you too hugs xx

  • a friend of mine took it for osteoarthritis but after so long it became in effective.

    i have never found anything apart from morphine to completely rid me of pain, but i cant stay on that because of side effects, so just take a wild combination which just takes the edge off… enough to live a existence!!! xx

  • hi, its whatever suits an this suits me at the moment im going to enjoy it while its last or not just making me feel a better about me being able to do more stuff its not just feeling good after a flare up ive had fibro for about 15 years an never felt this good for this long so here goes i will do anything to to feel the the person i once was a whirlwind i never stopped an thats how im almost feeling so fingers crossed xx

  • Hi i take 30/500mg co codmol and a very high glucosamine with sulphate and im still in pain and yes very stiff but i think if i didnt take my meds how much pain would i be in i dread to think glad its working for you thou really am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • aww thanks love only time will tell im still feeling ok think its10 days now so fingers crossed pain killers were making me feel sick dizzy moody constipated which is not good as suffer with bowel blockages all the time so i hope they carry on working for me xx

  • Thanks for this i am definitely going to try this. So nice to hear from someone who is doing well :-) xxx

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