does anyone use naproxen for their FM pain ?last weekend I had an abscess in my tooth n I was in agony I was at my daughters n I was in so much pain she said mum have one of these naproxen the doctor gave them to her for bad headaches n pain she was getting from a bad took about 45 mins to work but wen it did it was amazing so I took a few more over the next few days n to my astonishment my FM pain has eased considerably as well as the pain in my tooth of course , im even thinking this is great n im wondering wether to go to my doctor to have a word with him about taking it for my FM pain . tofty xxx

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  • I've never had them tofty, ask your gp if he'll prescribe them or you.

    My pharmacy has posters stating never take any one else's medicines. I'm on so many different med's, I'm always wary of this. My gp is happy to listen and consider any new med's I hear about, hopefully yours will be too.


  • Naproxen can be effective for Fibro pain, but they are not suitable for everyone. Much depends on any other medical conditions you have, and drugs you are already taking

    It is never a good idea to take someone else's prescription medications.

    If you think they would help you, then you really need to discuss with your doctor to see if he thinks they are suitable for you. Meanwhile find out more about Naproxen here

  • Do check with your GP I was elergiv to them after a wee while and although they were marvelous at begining. Do check xgins

  • Hi Tofty,

    I took these for about 2 years and were good for the pain but and it it is a big but! My gp did not prescribe the stomach lining medication along side them that you should take, this resulted in a stomach ulcer which I ended up in hospital for. So please make sure you get the protection with them as it was a nasty experience!

    Good luck with it all

    Sharon x

  • Yes naproxen is prescription only unless its changed very suddenly.... Please please do not take any prescription only meds prescribed for someone else... I know I sound over bearing and fussy here , but my Gp prescibed naproxen and lanzoprazole to help the stomach lining with the naproxen for my newly diagnosed arthritis and it made my stomach bleed I was taken straight off it.. So while it could be doing you good in the short term it could be damaging your stomach lining

    VG x

  • Good advice there about not taking other's medication. By happy accident, you obviously took the right one!

    Naproxen is pretty good for arthritis and muscular pain, so might be just the thing for you, but as in common with all these anti-inflammatory meds, it can cause gastric bleeding.

    Your doctor will probably give you a drug to help prevent this, if he decides that naproxen is right for you, but you still need to watch for stomach problems.

    Moffy x

    PS.. Naproxen was prescription only, but there were moves to make it available over the counter - I'm not up to date with this.

  • i tried them last year and they did nothing for me , but everyone is different x

  • I have taken naproxen 500 twice a day for 18mths for osteoarthritis. Lanzoprazole for about 6 yrs . How do you know if your tummy is bleeding ? I have an appointment with my gp on friday for this strange odd pain that seems to be at the side of my stomach . Thanks x

    Have a good weekend everyone xx

  • Too much information here but in my case I went to the toilet and the smell of blood was overpowering I looked in the toilet and there was quite a good bit of blood mixed in with my poo not nice ... It's happened with lots prescribed meds for me Diclofenic, ibruprofen stronger strength , naproxen, baclofen , and those are the ones I remember off the top of my head...

    Sorry for the graphic detail

    VG x

  • If you are bleeding from the stomach, you will usually have black, sticky poo. Sorry to be basic, but that's the main symptom apart from niggling abdominal pain.

    Iron tablets will also give stools a black discoloration, but without the stickiness you get with bleeding.

    A severe gastric bleed will produce blood-stained 'coffee-grounds' vomit, or even very obvious blood, which needs a 999 call for an ambulance.

    Moffy x

  • mine was hidden. I became severely anaemic.

    I take lansoprazole daily but had to stop my anti-depressants and meloxicam.

  • I'm afraid I had the full works - was pretty poorly and can no longer take my medication.

    I was on meloxicam, which is a similar drug, and is meant to be 'stomach kind'!

    It wasn't kind to my old tum, but there you go, we're all different!


  • the irony was that was why I was moved to meloxicam :(

  • Oh dear :O Be careful!

    Moffy x

  • I was on them for months and months and they did nothing for me at all. Still looking for a pain reliever

  • Yes I am prescribed Naproxyn for my FM and I do find they help the pain, i try not to take the full dose every day though because of the stomach problems that could occur.

  • I was on naproxyn for about 5 years. It made my stomach bad even with omeprozole. I can off of them 6 months ago but my joint pain got really bad so now I am on Meloxicam. I've only been on them a few weeks and so far they aren't doing much.

    Has anyone else been on these?

  • Hi I've been on naproxen for about a month now and they are helping a lot! Managed to come off diclofenac to have child number 2 but as she is getting heavier pains were getting worse so naproxen was a compromise to try and it's working for now! I also take omeprazole to allow for the stomach issues x

  • i am also pescribed naproxen for FM have been on them for nearly 3 years they help me quite a bit especially with hip pain x

  • I'm on it, but it barely helps x

  • Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory and, as such, is not a medication recommended for Fibro. However, a lot of people with Fibro also have inflammatory conditions for which this could be a recommended medication.

    If you have not been diagnosed with any inflammatory condition, responding very well to anti-inflammatories may suggest that your diagnosis needs checking or expanding. Fibro can mask many other conditions.

  • Hi Toffy, I was prescribed naproxen and omeprazole last november, when my problems started. I was eventually diagnosed with fibro in february and have been taking them since. My doctor asked me to stop taking them, because he said I should not be on them for this length of time. I tried and lasted for a week, I now take them now and again. I am waiting for an operation on my achilles tendon( constant pain) and my fibro has affected my shoulders and arms) the doctor says that is tendonitis too, so pain all round! So I ask him what other meds are available to me and all he said was to take paracetamol and ibruprufin (sorry about the spelling) Hugs Ali.

  • i cant take any anti~inflammatory medication been on tablets since i was sixteen and believe me tried them all but unfortunatley i now suffer with my stomach through all the inflammatory medication so be really careful wat u take see wat your doctor suggests

  • I have been taking these for 7 years they do work in their own way the problem is that they should only be took at the smallest dose possible for the shortest time possible. My heart surgeon told me they cause pain in the chest like a angina attack. Please be careful taking them there is a lot of serious side effects from these. Look into all the pro's and con's before asking your gp to prescribe them for you. Good luck.

    Gentle hugs xx

  • I first started taking naproxen when i was 14 becuase i was un able to move my shoulders/arms one morning when i woke up i was then diagnosed with hypermobility i used to take 500mg twice a day when the pain was bad and then everyday when i was told i have reoccuring tendonitus after falling over spraining my shoulder, ankle and back :S i was never prescribed the anti gastro pills until i went to the doctor with a stomach complaint. i was diagnosed with fibro last year/ earlier this year cant quite remember exactly but it has been said that i have had it since a skiing injury in my teens. i find that they are good when they are needed but i try not to take them everyday as i dont like taking pills if i dont have to (sometimes i feel i will rattle if i move). One Major thing that happens to both me and my mum (she has fibro along with a variety of other problems) is that if we are in direct sunlight so if we go on holiday if we haven't stopped taking the naproxen and started there anti-hysthamines our skin comes up in small blisters and is itchy and uncomfortable feels like prickly heat but it isn't. I have been on duloxotine for the past 5 months and i have found that they work brilliantly as i have been having a 'good' year so far fingers crossed touch wood.


    p.s hope everyone enjoyed the sun over the bank holiday :)


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