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Just thought i would update you on everything as i am not feeling good and i feel sooo frustrated and angry with myself, firstly update on my eldest daughter ami she is doing well finally on chemo that doesn't give bad side effects and is coping brilliantly, her little boy(my gorgeous grandson) rupert is one now his birthday was last week, he is growing up sooo fast, i miss her sooo much, we are still web caming most nights, my middle daugher steph has finally found work yipeeee lol she has been out of work on and off for 4years, my youngest paige has had her baby 26th november a little boy connor jay i had the pleasure of being her birth partner an what an experience it was she and baby live with me and her dad , so now about me .................... we finally got housed by our local council with the help of an occupational therapist (we was extremely lucky with this help) we now live in a 3 bed house adapted with a chair lift for the stairs and a wet room which has helped me loads what a difference it makes, the challenge is it really needs a lot of love an attention ie decorating as it has quite old wallpaper and very dark and dirty painted walls, it is sooo much hard work as i can't help my husband as much as i would like as i am having a right good flare up which has never effected me like this before i feel so frustrated as we are living amongst unpacked boxes ang tools in the main living room they just seems to be clutter everywhere and i cannot keep on top of it i wont except help from anyone as i feel embarrassed that i am not able to do the things i used to be able to dooo ahhhhhhhhhh!!! anyway registered at new gp surgery had a review today and he has change 4 of my repeats as in his words cannot prescribe as they are to expensive so had to prescribe a cheaper alternative, what world are we living in eh? has anybody else experience this i felt like a little girl in the dr's room he told me i am far to young to be having hip replacements well hello i have and it hasnt worked and they want to do the other hip but keep putting it off, i am not sure if i have gone to the right gp, after being at the same gp for 30 years(i had to change as my old gp was out of the area)maybe i was spoilt but i trusted them i'm not sure bout the new surgery i will have to wait and see on my next appointment, my husband looks tired his blood pressure is high he has to go back and have it checked again in a couple of weeks soo worried about him as he devote all his time on me and our daughters he became my fulltime carer last november, i have no energy every other day cry because i hate feeling this way, doesnt anyone have a dodgy stomache i have irratable bowel and inflammation of the oesophiacus but this week thy seem to have both kicked in quite bad sudden urges of visits to the toilet painful tummy and pain around breast bone , i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired and fed up, not seen any of my freinds for a while or my sister too , i met her last month for lunch but it exhausted me i came to the conclusion not worth the energy as it really took it out of me , why oh why am ifeeling like this why am i half the person i use to be i use to be happy go lucky the joker in the pack and now i can't be arsed to do things as i feel its not worth the feeling of being un well , thanks for listeng (reading) has any one got any advice or tips to pick myself up ?

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Stop doing that it takes a lot of energy to think so hard about our illness and it brings us down I understand your pain exhaustion and frustration BUT piling on guilt gives you the luxury of feeling sorry for yourself and becoming not only a patient for your hubby to look after but also a poor victim, I know this sounds harsh but the very same attiude ..about me and pride led me into a suicidal state,

Let people help they are not doing it out of pity but out of love and it lightens hubbys load of work and stress like I said I sound nasty but I am only trying to stop u hoing down like I did hugz petal


Yes, Teresa - relax until you feel better and then you'll be able to cope much more easily. I still had packing cases lying around a year after I moved, so don't feel bad about it - you're far from unusual!

Accept any offers of help that you can. Why not? I'm sure that if you were fully able that you would help others less fortunate.

You and your husband should take some time out together and relax a bit, that will improve his blood pressure. At least you are happy about your new house, even if it does need a lick of paint. The main thing is that you and your family are warm, safe and comfortable - nothing else matters.

Don't know what to say about your GP - it's possible he's given you 'generic' medicines, which are exactly the same, but manufactured outside the original patents licence - one example is that some people get a Ventolin inhaler, and have had it changed to Salbutamol - exactly the same medicine, but much cheaper. See link below for more info.

If you're not satisfied with your medication, tho' you need to go back and discuss it!

Hope things look up for you soon!

Moffy x


Oh der moffy I think I may have been too harsh here not like mevat all perhaps you should delete my comment fb


thanks for your comments , i am not suicidal i would never ever contemplate such a thing i value my family an friends and MYSELF to much despite the health issues, i am not depressed either just down fed up pee'd off what ever you want to call it maybe a few stronger words eh? lol, i have a lot to be grateful for despite the ups and downs of my life, But i do appreciate what you said @fadeblossom sometime we all need that kick up the derriaire, today i am and going to be positive i decied to just get on with it only me can do it , thanks for the link @muffy it helped alot and your kind words meant alot now i do know i'm not alone in how i am feeling (sometimes we just need reminding of this) today i am going to venture out on my own to the local shopping centre only 8mins away for a few things the fresh air will do me good and i WONT OVER DO THINGS i promise i listen to my body now that is one thing i have learned xx take care and gentle hugs teresa xxx


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