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Well guys and girls, another wasted appointment :(

I read the link about how to deal with Dr's, I went in with the right attitude, I was very polite and firstly thanked him for his valuable time. He asked what he could do for me so i started with asking for a referal to rheumatology, He declined !, so i asked for a meds review as my pain killers were not working, He declined !

His answers were, what do you know about Fibro? I told him quite alot as I research a lot about it, he said "well then you will know it is a condition we have no magic cure for"

I told him I had been refered to ME Clinic "how long is it going to take"? He checked on the computor... No referal !!! I explained this was suppose to have been done 7 weeks ago. Computor says NOT...

So ive come away feeling totally deflated, and let down :(

Were do I go from here???????????????

So being nice and patient has got me no where, being pushy and assertive has got me no where :(

Thanks to everyone for your input, what do i do now? Just accept it,. Ive tried moving surgery's, They wont accept me because i have a surgery already "thats what im been told!

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I'm sorry you got stonewalled. :(

This article may help with dealing with that tactic from doctors:


This article (from the NHS website!) may help with finding another GP:


Thanks Linday, Ive had a look and found one that will accept me but in the mean time ive had a call from the doc ive seen today. Hes checked and the ME referal has gone so he said i have to ask them to refer me to Rheumatology. Maybe he thought about what i had told him after I left looking deflated !



This is an outrage! How dare he treat you like that! He is paid a huge salary as moffy says to look after you and he quite clearly isnt!!! You can ask to see another doctor at your practice or you DO have the right to change to another practice. My old gp was just that...old and set in his ways and i just didnt trust his opinions or advice so i asked a few people about their docs and one practice kept getting good reviews so i toddled over there and explained to them that i have a gp but i would like to move to them. I filled in a few forms went for a medical with the nurse a couple of weeks later and that was that.

Do not let them fob you off, you have every right to treatment.

Maybe if you write a letter to the doctor explaining how he made you feel. I know VG did just that and im sure she said he rang her up immediately and they talked over the phone and now they have a great gp/paitent relationship.

Im so sorry that this was the outcome and im furious on your behalf. Please think about what i've said, dont lose heart, we are all here for you hunni and will support you no matter what it is...Big hugs and love....Charlii xx


Oh Charlie, Thank you. xxx


They do get paid thousands, when i worked there as a medical receptionist My fav Dr told me he earned £125,000 per year, he was main Dr and he was complaining he had to pay 40% tax on his earnings, which i suppose is a lot. xx


Ive been left there a few years now, as an employee and all the Docs have gone, all the receptionists have gone and all the nurses have gone... It was a new Partner that took over and one by one everyone has left to work elsewere. Even the Practise Manager left. So its a whole new team, The primary GP brought all his staff with him from his prev surgery...

Theve now lost 1500 patients in the last 12 months, I went on NHS choices and the reviews for my surgery are terrible, surely the PCT should question it? They have had 2 lovely young female drs come and go in 12 months, maybe they are as awful with them as they are with patients ?



He has no right to decline your request!!! You should ask to see another doctor at the surgery and insist that they make the referral for you. Although I must add that you may spend months getting all kinds of tests done (I gave so many blood and urine samples I lost count) only for them to be exhausted and you get confirmed with Fibromyalgia. But at least then the Rhumatologist can referr you to the pain clinic, physiotherapist and support groups that can help you deal with this awful syndrome. Hope it all works out for you.


Thank you, He asked if I had recent bllods I told him yes, if you look its all on comp!!! xx


So sorry you've been fobbed off yet again. I have no suggestions I am afraid but the advice above may be useful. I do hope so.

Thinking of you. Love and comforting hugs Saskia XX




worth the private fee to see a rhumy privately i'd say then you'll either get a formal diagnosis and advice or some other explanation for your problems. Good luck xx


I got diagnosed with fibro in 2007, But as VG says the cracking of bones and stiffness and my hips feeling like they are going to explode after 5 to 10 mins walking i thing i shoukld be checked for osteoarthritis? Its in the family both mum and dad has it, but its easier for them to put everything down to fibro!!



I`m so sorry to hear that had happened. I know just how you feel though as I am going through the same thing at the moment. I just don't know where to turn next but I have decided to take a friend with me who can say all the things I was to say but forget! My gp also just ends up making me a quivering wreck and I know it will happen again so I think it might be worth a try. I am sure that they think it's a way of saving money but it is our lives!

Hope this helps,

Lots of gentle hugs,

Jane xxx


I did write a letter and got a great outcome , its worth a try, but your GP sounds very unhelpful . Surely there must be another GP you can see or another surgery. You can't go on being ignored by your own dr.

VG x


Hope you dint mind Shelley but i was so livivid about what has happened to you i was ranting and raving to my OH telling him how unjust this was and he came up with good reasons why you have been told you are not allowed to move.

1) If so many patients leave a practice, the docs will be investigated

2) The more patients he has, the more money he gets

Please go and do something, don't let anyone treat you this way, he is letting you down xx


Oh thanks hunny, Is that true then they get investigated? Theve lost 1500 patients over the last 12 months... Maybe its worth a letter, Im furious about the lack of help and support xxx


Hello Everso,

I changed my surgery but a little while after being told that I couldn't due to x, y & z.

Then I was told anyone can apply to change surgeries and if the other surgery agrees, then bob's you uncle, so to speak.

Try not to be despondent, even though I remember feeling the same. Shake yourself off and fight for the treatment you & everyone deserves !

Sending best wishes



Thanks Emma, I did find one that has agreed to take me on, its only 3 miles away so im picking up the forms tomorrow, Give them ago, xxx



I find the problem is that not everything is entered onto the computer , i have had to inform Drs several times that there are letters from consultants in my paper notes , they ask reception for them and say " oh yes so there are " hmmm


I can honestly say the reception staff are as incompitent as the dr's. Its a general attitude at my surgery of they just dont give ATOS... LOL.

Ive been on NHS Choices and found on eethat will take me on, unfortunately not the one I wanted to go to as its in the same village and they cant be seen as poaching patients!!!


so patient choice does not apply then ?

Not whats best for the patient at all


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