Esa assessment today

Well i was in at 9 then out at 9.20.

She was a mature lady..very nice .only asked me 6 questions in total...Than went to see manager came back said i could go..well what was all that about.

I couldnt beleive it...she checked my.bag with my tablets in...typed on computor..but she stopped dead in her im hoping it was ok..but i reckon somethink flagged up on computor..

Fingers crossedxx

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  • Hi dawniee

    That sounds a bit odd. Did she give any explanation why she stopped so abruptly? Did she say when you could expect to hear from them?

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it was for a good reason.

    Wishing you calmness and peace

    Lu xx


  • I couldn't agree more Lu, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you dawniee 👍🏻😊

    Foggy x

  • Yes two too three weeks..thats what she said...i was in shock myself i exspected loads of questions today...and exercises but none about tv cooking ..odd i know she said got to see manager to see if i have got to ask you anymore...she came back and said i could go....sounds ok thou i think...xx

  • Yes thank you for kind thoughts...fingers crossed...xx

  • Very weird Hun. Hope everything goes the right for you x

  • Maybe they have a quota, you need to ring up and ask the suspense is killing me lol

  • Yes me too...but she went off to talk to im in the dark...but aint they suppose to do point scoring...thats were om puzzeled...but she came back and said id here two or three they must have enough info....i really ive had no sleep last nite worrying about the dam place...even broke my diet ate an easter egg with all my stress....lolxxx i let you knoe the son sat there in shock...he said wats happening mum..i said how long is a peice of string...but she was very nice too😉

  • I have heard this before when they have quickly checked on someone just to make sure that the person being interviewed is as physically disabled as they say on the form and after that confirmation they have come to a onclusion quickly as to what decision should be put forward. Hope that is what has happened in your case as to be honest otherwise I can't think of anything else. If there was something they needed to query I am sure they would have said.

    Fingers crossed and everything else for a good result hope you hear very soon.x

  • Ohh so it could be good news than...rose as i was in complete shock to be honest...and very little questions...i was exspecting the third degree....and a physical examination...

    Arrh well keeping everything crossedxx

  • I have a three week wait for my PIP assessment decision...

    It's a relief its all over but the suspense is awful.

    Hope the decision goes in your favour - I'm keeping

    everything crossed for us both.


  • Thank you ladygalf yes they told me two weeks/ three aswell...the guy sat next to me in esa was told eight weeks...but he said to me thats quick...i told him it was my fifth attempt of getting seen...he said is my first visit here....perhaps ive jumped the been waiting since september 15 to get seen...

    Hopefully it be sooner as they apologised to me today for the delay...fingers crossef for both of us good luckxxxx

  • Hi dawniee2121

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your result. Fingers crossed for you my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you ken...thank god its over so very stressful time having to go for a fifth time...but this time i was seen..and wasnt as bad as i was exspecting...sometimes we can read into things and feel the

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