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The msg's i have recieved today has just confirmed I have made the right decition to stay as a Fibromite LOL. You are all so kind and lovely,

I will continue to try and be as helpful and kind to all you special people, we all have something in common "dam Fibro" so heres to common ground for all of us.

I havent replied to everyone today, and its not because i cant be bothered.

Ive had quite a bad day today, Up at 9am, back a sleep by 6pm, up at 8.30pm and i feel like crap...

I have swollen glands, a lump in my neck, IBS flare up and god dam now a coldsore in my top lip lol !!!!!!!! Prob a bit run down, so im going to take it easy for a few days and rest as much as I can.

I just wanted to thank you all for replying to my msg, THANK YOU YOU ARE SWEETHEARTS.


Love shelley :) :)

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Hi Shelley

so glad you are staying xx

Do you usually get swollen glands etc ? or maybe you have a virus ? The Drs answer to everytthing before fibro

My IBS has been kicking off but tabs work well for me

please take some time to look after yourself and sleep well

warm hugs xx


Yes i do get swollen glands occationally, Ive suffered with coldsores since i was 7, but the lump in my neck is something new.. IBS is also something regualar for me too, i can have bouts of both in the same day so taking tabs just confuses my system even more lol.

Hugs right back at ya ((HUGS))XX


Stay warm and get well soon, Shelley!

Moffy x


Warm me !! Lol, if only, I'm always cold lol, Thank you Moffy x


You are most welcome. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.



Thanks Jom, Me too i hate being poorly, especially with cold sores, they just take so long to go. Ive used Zovirax several times and i must be allergic to it, It makes my cold sores 10 x worse, and it burns so bad ive had to wipe it off and end up with them infected then..

The joys of having a crap immune system xx


I have crap immune system too. Just taken over 3 weeks to get over a cold, then I find out I am iga deficient and means takes me a long time to get over illnesses, even with double doses of antibiotics. No s**t Sherlock. Also waiting on repeat bloods, which I have 'sticky blood', may mean lupus or Hughes syndrome, plus hypermobility syndrome. I think someone thinks I like to collect diagnoses.

Have you tried something like blistex, might not be as strong as zouvirax. If your glands are something new, go to docs. Might be worth it, if its infected and they could also think of something else for your coldsores. Although that's one thing I don't get, my sister does get them really bad, so I see how much it affects people.

You take care and keep us posted on how you are.

Still grateful about your nytol experience, nearly tried it myself. Will stick to taking 2 antihistamines when really need it.

All the best, glad you are still with us.



Oh my u do have a lot to contend with. Hope its not Lupus, Ive tried blistex b4 and yes im ok with that, thing is with cold sores u need to treat at the first signs of itching or theres no stopping them. Im prob a bit run down at min, i was the same as u with antibiotics, i always needed 2 to 3 prescrpitions for chest infections to go. Ive also always suffered with chest infections from a few months old. My dad said i had bronchitis at 2 months old and it carried on into my 30s, The last chest infection i had was 12 months ago and it took 3 weeks of antibiotics and an inhaler!! so ive gone up a notch lol. First inhaler ive ever had to have.

I couldnt get out of bed one morning for the wheezing... it was awful. We have a history of immune problems in the family, my son has Ulcerative Colitis and auto-immune hepititis (Liver problems).. Apparently M.E, which i also have, has some connection to immune problems,

Basically my once fit and healthy body, gained from years of fitness has kicked me in the teeth, big time lol. But hey i have to deal with it as do we all.

Takecare Jo big hugs xx


Same to you. I hope this one doesn't end in another chest infection, antibiotics, etc.

I hope it's not lupus either but like you said we gave to deal with it.

Take care of yourself.



Hi petal glad your staying, sorry your poorly hope your feeling better soon. Sithy


Thanks chick, i do feel loads better today xxx


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