Thankyou all so much for your kind thoughts and essages i am reading most of the blogs and questions and anwering a few but i cant do all of them i am still not 100% but alot better today i only started new tablets yesterday so hopefully they are kicking in i do hope to be back here properly soon but not really rushing anything as that what i done before and ended up going backwards again so just chilling on the sofa watching jeremy kyle omg how funny is tat the people on there no offence but why would you do it lol

anyway love to you all diddle xxxxx

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  • Great to have you back Diddle. We missed you! xxxx :) Take it easy and don't overdo it though...we don't want to lose you again!!! :)

  • hi fibrodude thankyou for that love to you diddle x

  • Diddle, get well soon. I am new here and love your blogs xxxx

  • thankyou ldymcbeth that is very kind of you i just answer fro my heart and say what i feel but thankyou love diddle xxxxx

  • Nice to see you back Diddle - hope you are feeling much better soon xx

  • Hi diddle,

    So glad your feeling much better, just do what your doing and i'm sure your be 100% very soon, we all miss you loads,

    loadsa love and hugs xxxx

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