How can I build my immunity up before winter?


Hope everyone is as well and comfy as they can be.

I was wondering if any of you have any good tips on how I can try and build my immunity up..............I'm honestly beginning to wonder if I have one at all. I catch eve germ going!! I eat healthy, get fresh air. I've caught so many germs this summer, and this is usually my 'good' time germ wise, I feel I haven't had a chance to build myself up yet. I'm always so I'll in winter, I always end up being admitted to hospital, or dose after dose of antibiotics and steroids. If any of you have any ideas or experience of solving this lack of immunity, I would really appreciate any help. I getting myself so worried about winter . Thank you for reading my post. Gentle hugs to all.

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  • Top Tip:- Ask your GP for flu vaccine. With your history I'm sure they will. Even if you are still really unlucky and catch flu, you wont become as unwell as you would without the vaccine. Apart from that, cant think of anything else you're not already doing. Wish you well :) Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulip,

    Thank you for your reply. I am very good I have my flu jab every year and two years ago I also had the phemonia)gone blank on how to spell it sorry.........darn fibromyalgia fog) jab as well, but I still get flu really badly. I really am at my wits end😷😷😷!

  • Hi Ken,

    Thank you for your advice and message. I take a magnesium, zinc, echanacia and I'm on iron as I'm permanently have low iron count.

    Do I just ask the Dr for a vitamin D check? How's the garden going? Lizy

  • I would just ask for the blood test and see what they say. I was prescribed them because of my Osteoporosis.

  • I've heard that Echinacea is helpful.. I am thinking of giving it a try myself. I cringe when am out anywhere, everyone coughing and sneezing everywhere, I always end up thinking..'Thanks for that! I will have your illness by next week now!' Lol

  • I am exactly the same as you! Why do people think it's ok to sneeze straight at me in the supermarket? It's started already, grrr !

  • Absolutely!! I keep using the sterile hand wash which is permanently coming out my handbag!!😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 HaHa!!

  • Keep positive, be gentle with yourself, rest, keep peaceful, as well as taking only supplements that suit you, trial and error. x

  • Thank you for your lovely message. You are right, I don't tend to worry about myself, being a Mum and grandmum and own my own company, with staff to look after. I do try to rest everyday, but that doesn't seem to help, especially as my brain is still going.

  • Hi Lizzyear,

    A few years ago I had your problem of a weak Immune System, and thankfully now I very seldom catch anything that is doing the rounds, including all the Grandchildrens germs coming into the house.

    I have the Flu jab every year as Tulips suggests, Ken suggests Multivitamins, Echinacea is also mentioned, all of these things are good in their own way, and I'm sure there will be many more helpful suggestions.

    I was told by a Nutritionist a few years ago that our Intestines have good and bad Bacteria in them, both are needed, but if the balance is out, and there is not enough good Bacteria, then your Immune System doesn't work properly. Everytime we take Antibiotics they wipe out the good Bacteria along with the bad, and although the infection that you're taking them for is cured, your gut has been stripped of the good Bacteria as well. I'm not against Antibiotics in any way, but when you take them you should also take something to balance the Bacteria in your gut.

    How to do this. Well, in my case, I took Acidophilus capsules, which have "live" friendly bacteria in them. Any Health Shop will sell them and give you advice on how to take them. I took them for 3months as I was really rundown and was to have an operation. I recovered well after my op, no infection of wound or otherwise. Then I started on the little drink every day that they advertise on TV with the slogan "good health starts on the inside" Yakult, or Actimel, they both are good and I take one every day. Also Yoghurt, but be sure that you read the label as not all Yoghurts have "live cultures" in them, and that's what you want. These measures along with a healthy diet really have worked for me. If only I could work out what to do about my I am not promoting these products, but just saying what worked for me. Also just always mention to your Dr. About starting to take anything new, whether it be Vitamins, or any other Health product.

    I hope you can get something sorted out before winter.

    Best Wishes.

    GP. 😊

  • I'm a fine one to give advice as I am just recovering from really bad flu but something I have found which seems to help limit it somewhat is Sambucal but unfortunately had none in the house. I used to find that if I took it at the first sign of anything coming on it seemed to either stop it in its tracks or it seemed to shorten the time I had it. I also picked some prescriptions up from the doctors and then of course went to th chemist and I would usually use hand gel before touching steering wheel, handbag etc but of course it had run out. I am sure that this does help if you have been in public places touching surfaces where germs are.

    If you know you are under the weather try not to go to crowded places and I don't think that taking a good multivitamin does any harm.

    I am now going g to practice what I preached. As Tulips says if you can have the flu injection do. I did have it once but unfortunately reacted to the injection but it was the only year i did not catch the flu. Do hope you have had your share of illness for this year and sail through winter without the dreaded germs getting you.x

  • I buy immune essentials from Swanson on line as long as I take them everyday I don't get sick. Plus too wash hands often and avoid sick people when u can.

    I hate germs, because I use to catch everything until I started taking the pills to keep me healthier.

  • Aloe Vera Gel has been very good building up my immune system. I get mine from "Forever Aloe" and take a measured dose twice a day xx

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