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well i even feel my witty me has slowly diminished and transformed into some gormlus Alien. Where has yours gone?? becareful now hehe

well i even feel my witty me has slowly diminished and transformed into some gormlus Alien. Where has yours gone?? becareful now hehe

I always used to jump around even wear my hubbys pants on my head and chase the kids around the house and play fight .

Always in supermarkets and shops with friends i would have to do something really bizaare and silly.

I would get thrown into freezers in supermarkets (think thats why half been changed to glass doors now ) i must of flattened all the chickens and fish.

i would have to cheat at games being silly and really really being serious was not me! heeh

we would torment each other and i would put cotton round the house or tape the loo to be paid back with a unit full of my perfumes and creams on top so take me 10 mins to take off the loo just for a tinkle. laughing so much i say no more.

the best i think or was it my hubby used to take a for sale sign out of one garden on way home from a WMC we used to go to and plant it in his friends at bottom of street ohh this was hilarious i have to say as his mate would wake up and think was in wrong house some how and it would annoy him not knowing whos it was.

we would spice up his friends currys to see how hot he could go and by eck would he demolish it too saying am sure them take aways are spiking me hahaah but it was OH who would order especially .

hiding things too or moving things around so friends think going mad (well i dont need any of this now as i do myself my own problems. )

So tell me you all must have some silly witty you inside that you have great memories of and wish you were still the same . ?? i still laugh and giggle to best i can but have to admit if serious it really hurts to even smile now adays and i am well known for my giggles of laughter , as no one would ever watch likes of lee evens or any comedy as it took all night for me laughing over it sounding like i am in labour.

my friends hijacked my phone whilst out last week and pulled funny faces , they said wanted to just check out my phone ahahah

i am really really suffering tonite so am trying to just keep smiling a stiff smile as if my face has cement on it never mind facial creams or botox! :-/ haahahhah

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not botox, you'll just looked permanently surprised! :O or :D

hope you feel better tomorrow.



hahaah sandra true!

no my OH just keeps telling me to go B&Q and get cement :-/ haha

bless him i will bury him in it if he carries on ....obviously kidding its not the soaps eeeek

xxx ohhh am fine like we all manage not nice but i am sat here chatting away still smiling at things xx


Oh lordy - don't you just hate the look of people who are over- botoxed? Totally devoid of expression - except vague surprise!

I know how you feel, fairycazzie - I used to be a party animal, but these days I am dead on my feet by 7pm just when everyone else is off to the pub.

I don't often feel like dressing myself up, either - I dress for comfort now, not for speed, and I keep my smile in a box by the door in case I have visitors.

Never mind, I'm sure that next week someone will invent a cure for fibro and we shall all have a massive party and get totally trolleyed!

Moffy x


Smile in a box !! so going to quote you on that Moffy !!


I think I am way past Botox I can tie my face back in a bun....

I knew you had false teeth moffy but false lips... And all in a pretty box, sticks a coat hanger through Moffys door to grab the nice fake teeth and lip smile. ;)



I think this is a great post and emotive too.

I have many memories of my niece & nephew growing up and doing silly things to amuse them, some to embarrassing to admit.

One I recall is walking the length of the lounge & back playing 'Grand Ole' Duke of York' with some kinda of plastic bucket thing on my head (maybe a megablocks tub), singing and the builders from next door peering in the window to see me walking back and forth with this pot thingy on my head singing quite happily to myself it would seem. No sign of my nephew and the little 2-3 years old hand in mine walking with me!! :)

We are still in there and I certainly see many glimpses when feeling at my best. If you think hard enough you will find these times happen more often than we think.

Even tonight as I have felt pain, headaches and not really myself. I have joked with the fella and I thought 'this is me'

Maybe we all should keep a diary of these things then flick back over the week, we may surprise ourselves!

Emma :)


He he Emma good few years ago when I could vacuum and wore dresses I switched the vac on hot air shot out and up and my skirt flew up round my head , when I pulled it down I was face to face with the window cleaner.... Oh the shame,,,,,,


Giggles :)




Many years ago, I had a very bad experience in front of a window cleaner!

I blush to recall,and am too modest to tell you what happened.

Suffice it to say that it involved a passionate new boyfriend and a pair of bedroom curtains carelessly left open .... you may imagine what you will!


hahahhaah ohh some funny comments there not sure who is the worst!!

i sat in the garden hot summer day young man cutting grass over road LCC and i sat on my garden chair fell over skirt over my head , neighoburs out too all laughing because i was saying ohh heeees nice lol (before OH came along i might say) the grass cutter ran into an electriccal box that does the connections for all wanting cable tv wotnots etc.

mdaisy your the 'new' lego lady i thinks now instead of Grand ole duke of york i think

mdaisy can build it yes you can (bob the builder)

VG and vacuums so no longer VG she is VS (vacuum sucker)

moffy is a curtain twitcher hahahah

keep em coming this could get hard core hahaha within reason of course with bits missing.

think we all have bits missing now a foggy head made of lego sucking up curtains :-/ xxx



I was always the life and soul of the party and always the last to leave, even though I couldn't remember. I was the mug who ended up in the shopping trolley and it was never a good night unless I fell over.

We had a pizza take out a couple of doors away from the nightclub, who also did deliveries. My friend and I always asked for a delivery to our home and would cadge a lift home with our pizza. Everyone in the shop always thought it was hilarious but we were the only ones to get away with it.

We used to travel the UK watching gigs. We went to loch lomond to see oasis and borrowed a tent. It was massive, for 2 people. The old style ones and the lad that cadged it for us from the graduates club where we worked brought the details into the office on how to erect it. We forgot those. I used the car phone in front of a couple of hundred people and as couldn't hear properly shouted "I am in the middle of a field in Scotland and I need an erection". I still have never lived that one down.

God there are so many things I have said and done, i must think of more.


I was always up for a dare, and once went into Greenwoods. I asked the rather stiff assistant if this was a men's shop. He replied that it was, so straight-faced I asked if he could show me a selection of the men he had for sale. His face was a picture


Fairiecazzie what you say is so true. This horrid thing seems to have sucked the crazy, fun side out of us. I was thinking this myself just a couple of weeks ago. My favorite pastime has always been embarrassing my teenage daughters and very often my partner (who used to bea bit shy) zooming around Tesco using a trolly like a skateboard, singing opera at the top of my voice whilst in the garden pottering about, chasing my girls pretending I was an 'OOr' (Lord of the Rings) arriving at school to collect them and walking down the driveway in my 'Mongolian Cat Hat etc. Well, some of you know that I have spent almost the whole of last year in hospital, which is enough to wipe one's sense of humour away all by itself, never mind the fibro - I decided that pain or no, it is time to let the old, real Mel back out of the bag again and blow raspberries at Mr Fibro.

The change that has come over our house has been tangible even though I have been very I'll with a bad flare up lately. I have been behaving badly and madly with a crooked smile regardless of the pain. Laughter is medicine for the bones anyway right?

Start with one small thing a day and build it up, you'll be amazed at how good you will feel heh-heh!




My ex mate and went into boots and there was a yi5ung man on one knee with a box of laxitives in his hand I pla6ce my wrinkled old hand on his shoulder and said in a loud voice no need to crap yourself I will marry you tomorrow ripples of laughter in the shop and he blushed so cutely but revenge was his

We were at the condom section reading all the discriptions and having a good laugh the young man stood next to us supposedly looking for durex and said if you think all this is funny you should see how the guys have gathered around the cctv and are laughing

Exit two very embarrassed sixty year olds at a speed that would leave jenson button in awe


You are a naughty lot, honestly! If you keep making me laugh, I shall have to get Tena pads!

It's so good as mel says to let the 'real you' come out from under the fibro. I suppose that's the best thing about the virtual world - nothing aches, nothing wears out and the colours are as bright as you want them to be!

In the everyday world, I'm a bit of a creaky old granny, and I have problems finding shoes I can actually walk in, but in the virtual world I am a real fit chick wearing killer heels!

I dance 'til dawn, rush off to dominate the world in my high powered executive job, and have blokes falling over themselves to hold doors open for me.

After a day dominating the financial world, I return to my penthouse in Mayfair, where my staff help me to host glittering dinner parties - Elizabeth and Phillip are frequent visitors. Then I retire to my gold-plated bed with the silk sheets where Brad Pitt, or sometimes George Clooney have been waiting impatiently for me!

Ah well - switch off the laptop and return to reality. I am lucky really in my cosy little one-bedroom flat. there's no gold plating or silk sheets, but I have all I need, and a loving family nearby.

It's fun to disappear into the fantasy world now and again, but apart from fibro, the real world isn't bad at all!

Moffy x


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