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hey all

welol got a defdiagnosis from rhemy fibro and ra which is fine glad it wasnt ms, told him wanted to go without meds have cocodamol in house when really bad and to day when i went to see dr ive decided to come off my anti dep as feel been on them long enough now.

have been given some meds for my irratable bladder as getting up 4/5 times a night needing a wee is getting silly esp when im so stiff and have to detach my cpap mask even before i stumble to the loo so hopefully that help me.

now just got to sort out my tumours (have nf1) get them removed to stop them hurting then i can try and get back to a life not a nomral one as accepted that now and will learn to live with the pain ,rest when i need to ,and pace myself think the best thing to do is accept it and try and get on with life as best i can im not terminal just in pain and can cope with the pain more than if i was terminal.

keep smiling people xx

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{{{{angied}}}} fluffie cuddles

I'm pleased for you getting your diagnosis and for the relief it wasn't MS, been there too. I'm so proud of your positive attitude towards the pain and life and I agree that acceptance is both difficult and beneficial. It sounds like you are ready to fight the fibro/pain monsters head-on, good for you for taking the brave step towards control.

I'm sure that it will all help you get through this next part with the tumours too and I shall thinking of you :)

I'm wishing much wellness and send a bouquet of healing, warming fluffies in a rainbow of warming reds, oranges and yellows

:) xxxsianxxx :)



what a relief it isn't MS. You sound ready to cope :-)




Hi angied, how relieved you must be for the diagnosis not to be MS, that having been said, Fibro is no joy ride either,so I am sending loads of positive healing vibes your way:-) though you sound as it you have got your head well round your health conditions.

Well done you :-)

Foggy x


Thats great news hugs sue


I'm new here but sounds like you have been through the mill, so glad things are looking not so bad for you now.

You sound very positive :)


Hi angied

I am so happy for you that you do not have MS and I am over the moon with your positive attitude to all of this. You clearly are an inspiration to us all.

Take care and good luck.

Ken x


Morning Angied what a relief for you that it is not MS now you know the battle you have to fight and go positively into the forum, Good I am glad take it a day at a time and don't let the B-----ers get you down (oops hope O haven't offended anyone) xxgins


nah :) Given what we go through it would probably have to be a lot stronger gins. These things would make a saint swear


I love your positivity! It's a great thing to finally have an official diagnosis, and I can sympathise with the relief of not having ms (and all sorts of other nasties too). Acceptance is a huge part of gaining back a "normal" life. I prefer the phrase "normal for me", as it encompasses my many "specialness-es" haha! I always like to say "my doctor told me I was normal, once", although my husband now points out that was 14 years ago and he was referring to my pregnancy, not *me* per se. Technicalities. Normal is boring anyway, right? Normality is a nice thing to strive for, however. I'm sure you'll get there, and hopefully you'll find ways to cope with the pain.


thank you all have had symtons for a few years and was told prob fm then could be ms so yes finally diagnosed and can put the demons of ms behind me as i said to my son whos daugter may be autistic normal is boring hes autistic and we think his gf is too so why should his daughter be different she is a beautiful girl end of.

got to be positive this things not gonna beat me may slow me down but will never be beaten


It can be a relief just to get a label on it. .. was for me. Do you find dep meds help with the pain? More power to your elbow, but it looks like you have plenty. Hugs :)


Hi angied,Thank God it was"nt MS, but as you well know with the symptoms how debilitating Fibro is, it is no "Picnic"!.

You have inspired me with your positive attitude towards pain management and trying to live your life to the best of your ability. I wish you well.

I"ve had Fibro/ME/CFS for over 20 years. Got a "Flare up" @ moment. This is a wonderful Forum, where you can ask advice, MOAN like I"m doing now! There are some great members with a wicked sense of humour who post things to cheer everyone up.

It is not all doom and gloom.

I have gratefully valued advice suggested to me.

If in doubt there does always seem to be a member who has been through same/similar experience, who are only too willing to give you the benefit of their own experience, how they coped or direct/guide you in the direction you need!

I feel truly blessed to be member of this FAB Forum. Stay Positive, hope pain subsides for you soon.

Sending you,healing positive energies. Take Care,

God Bless. Lynn X


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