Just realised i dont pace or rest enough .I have had fibro 5 months now and cant rest or pace , if something needs doing i do it even if i cry in pain .I am very house proud so its hard for me to get used to leaving things . This morning i was crying getting out of bed but still did my jobs . eg . polished and cleaned bathroom . Iknow its silly but i cant stop myself . Any help ? x

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  • I know its tough,, I used to be the same, but I find it impossiable to overdo myself otherwise I crash and burn, I dont get any re mittance of this illness Im pretty much the same every day, when my body tells me its had enough I stop

  • maybe put "pacing " or "pace " in the search bar at the top

    i would put some links on if i knew how to do it lol ,but give it a go im sure there is lots of info on here about it ,im rubbish at pacing so maybe not the best one to ask lol ,

    one thing i do know is when i over do it ,i crash and burn ,so you must try ,even if its against your nature ,like it is mine xxxx

  • i used to be house proud and nothing was out of place,but now i do what i can and if its a day when i am very unwell i just leave things,i know its hard to do that but try and take things easy

  • I was house proud but can only do my best, remember its s mind game some people really are not as house proud, try to reason with your head, I could hoover tomorrow its not that bad. Or no one will see upstairs today.

    Oh and ask for help ...

    Soft hugs xxx


  • i have ocd aswell as fibro so i feel both ur pains.

    i used 2 b so independant noo im bk livin w ma mum, ma ocd makes me want 2 tidy an shower an wash my hands lots through the day prob is because of my fibro and the fact my mum has a shower over her bath it's hard with my balance 2 get in and out an the house is in a tip which i can't keep tidy because i get 2 sore and tired.

    luckily iv got a therapist an meds 2 help me with my ocd but it's a long road ahead and i am struggling 2 cope but knowin im not alone is really helpin x

  • zoe its awfull , i avnt got ocd i dont think but i love a tidy clean house and love clean windows xx

  • Rosehip. Don't worry it will catch up with you and then you will really know it. No one escapes this horrible illness I'm sorry to say. I was like you,in fact I think it's a certain type of personaility who is prone to FM. We have all burnt the candle at both ends and are now all suffering. Good on you for being able to do what you do but you're not helping yourself I promise. Take care. I find the frustration of not being able to do things now is really punishing,sometimes worse thanthe pain......who am I kidding.

    Best wishes.

  • i am crying in pain but still cooked sunday lunch . why cant i just accept , i dont even mention it to anyone i just carry on . But i have never been ill b4 x

  • Hi, I know exactly how you feel yet I cannot stop the cleaning either! It's horrible facing all the housework when you are in so much pain and feel so exhausted. I have no idea when to stop or how to even pace myself. I work 3 days a week and have a 5 year old son, which both keep me busy. My husband is great and will do lots for me but I am fanatical about my home, but not about anything else. I can't work out why we do it! My sister says I should get a cleaner, but I honestly think I would go over it myself again!

  • Im the same, I cleaned my house from top to bottom yesterday, but not as thorough as i once was able, and today I av totally crashed an burnt, im in bed and can hardly move, an the pain is ............. gentle hugs Hilly xx

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