reasons not to shop when your tired

Just as a PS and to give you all a grin {I hope} because I couldnt sleep the other night I did my shopping at a famous supermakert instead, I did wonder at the time why the cost had suddenley gone up quite so much, the delivery guy came this afternoon, put his head around the door {They know to come in because Im expecting them} and asked me if I was going to be making wine, "Why?" sez I he replied "Well, its the only reason I could think of why you would want 21 cartons of grapes!" he was laughing, I was a tad taken aback, but yes, I had accidentally ordered 21 cartons of grapes!!!, he left two and took the others back, T's have already credited me the money back, they must be used to idiots like me!!!. Lyzzie :)

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  • Maybe not such a good idea---- lol.



  • no, dont think so, but the way he reacted I guess Im not the only one thats ever done it, but all those grapes, my stomach would have not been happy!! Lyzzie.

  • My dad did the same with carrots, he thought he was buying individual carrots but no they were kilos.

  • Thanks, at least mine were grapes,...hey, at least he was going to be able to see in the dark! Lyzzie

  • Very useful when you can't sleep, like tonight.

    The shop did take back most of the carrots.

  • I think they must be used to it, seriously it wouldnt do them any favours publicity wise if they didnt would it? I love grapes, but the thought of all that lot made me shudder slightly, actually that wasnt the only thing, I ended up with 6 batches of Sparkling water, I'm sure I didnt mean that, but that doesnt matter, the amount of that that I drink Ill soon get through that!!. It could have been worse, could have been Loo rolls or something! Lyzzie :)

  • lyzzie, How are you?? You and your grocery shopping lol.Sorry we didn't get to finish our chat as planned but you probably know that the system was whack! ! We will get around to it.Hope your having a good night.Peck🐤

  • PS when the wine is ready I'll pm you my mailing address!! Lol

  • I like the delivery man's idea -- and to spare your poor tummy, I would make the supreme sacrifice of drinking the wine for you. ☺

  • Such self-sacrifice, excuse me while I shed a tear,..LOL

  • Wine I started my life as a sales executive in London selling space for The Wine and Spirit Trade Annual. A reference book all about wine. I went to tastings and I went out with gentlemen who mostly thought a different career would suit me better. I sold lots of space and basically had fun. When I had moved through to The Scrap Trade Annual and lately county magazines like Norfolk and Suffolk Magazine. It was great fun and yes I now have sympathy for all telesales people ..... So this thought arose from the word Wine haven't got to tasting yet................Ginsing

  • My t cup is empty need a refill

  • I cant decide whether to laugh or be angry for you, I can guess what sort of career they had in mind, you certainley seem to have worked in fields one extreme to the other, which was more interesting, the Scrap Annual or the N & S magazine? I bet the Scrap annual was more fun. Lyzzie x

  • Lol Lyzzie I was ad bad actually in the shop or should I say the gitl on the till was and ig was the same shop , I had brought some on the vine tomatoes I think they were about £ 1.75 a pack and I brough 2 packs but the girl on the till charged me for 20 packs I didnt think any thing till I got home and looked at my recipe and I phoned the shop she said to go back in with my recipe and they would refund me , so I did , little did o know if they over charge they give you double the amount they over charge you back I was quids in because they had overcharged me by £31.50 so ×2 that ment I actually got £63 back bonus yaaaaa the look on the manager's face was a picture I just hope it didnt have to come out of the poor girl on the tills wages . But I eas pleased with my over spend . Lol a nice little bonus . As you can see not a good night sleeping for me lol . Weekenf again whan I want a good sleep and a lie in im awske sod's law lol dont suppose im alone though ? :-) . Hope you are getting some sleep now lyzzie seeet dreams xx

  • Wow, that mistake on their part must have stung, but you benefited, not often the customer comes out on top is it, hope you enjoyed it! Lyzzie :)

  • I had to start checking my shopping after finishing the order since there was stuff on the list I didn't want. Keyboard is so sensitive it's only too easy to make a mistake. Good excuse though when you order goodies and your husband asks why you ordered 6 Mars bars 😉.

  • Oops dear, my finger just happened to laqnd on the mars bars, wasnt my fault at all, it was the computer, their taking over you know...Really? fess up Ell2, you just heard the call of the chocolate bar..ha ha . Lyzzie x

  • I do just about all of my shopping online from my groceries to some plants or even fish! So I know how easy it is just to click the wrong thing and it is in your shopping cart? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Tell me about it, I think Im jinxed where shopping on line is concerned, I order a lot of books and normally everything goes okay, but when I first started I accidentally bought an audio book instead of the paper back, worse still I couldnt play it as it needed an MP3 player, by one of my favourite authors too, I could have sent it back but gave it to my brother instead, he likes listening to books when hes working in the garden & so on, though he did laugh at me, ever since I got this lap top he has drilled me with his set of rules of what not to do!!. Lyzzie x

  • Oh dear! But as we say it is so easily done my friend x

  • I keep thinking of all the things I could have bulk ordered that could have been very embarrassing, but they were very nice about it and credited me straight away, as I said, they appear to take idiots in their stride!! Lyzzie :)

  • That is enough to give you nightmares?

  • I will try to be a lot more careful in future.

  • That made me howl. I did the same one night but the opposite. You could have cherries by weight and I ordered something like the equivalent of 6 tons.. They realised I had got all mixed up and put me 6 cherries in a bag. I had just wanted a few to try as they were sticking a new kind which I didn't know whether I would like. The times I have ordered obscure unwanted things when I was tired and brain fog had descended. Lol.x

  • At least they used their brains, what on earth would you have done with all of those cherries?! what else have you ordered by mistake? I guess it could get a bit embarrassing! Lyzzie x

  • We've ordered quite a few wrong things I don't get on with the kilos etc as I am a pounds and pint person. I have accidentally ordered those giant bottles of milk that only families if 10 would need I could hardly lift the thing and it barely fitted in our small fridge but we were both ill so had to have it.

    We have had a few strange substitutions. I once asked for a carton if pineapple juice and got a fresh pineapple.x

  • know what you mean about kilo Rosewine, I would prefer to order loose banana but like you, I think in pounds and ounces still, same with cold meats from the deli counter, if you go into the shop itself, the ladies behind the counter know what you mean, unfortunately a laptop doesnt translate!!! I've just had some raspberries and cream for my tea, good job it wasnt 21 cartons of cream!! Lyzzie:)

  • That was one of my boobies ordered icecream instead of cream, well same

  • mistakes apart, I like the ability to order on line, I shant have to worry about getting food in if the weathers bad in winter, and I dont like my friend Angela lifting heavy stuff these days as she has arthritis & Asthma but is a stubborn as all get out, this way I take the lifting out of her hands and into the hands of a nice man instead, even if he has to be good at handling all those grapes!! Lyzzie x

  • I am still tittering about the grapes. I have had wonderful delivery men. The one time I had had an extremely bad fall and had arm in sling and must admit I looked very rough, well rougher than normal and that's not saying alot. Lovely young man delivered, took one look at me and asked if I was really well enough to out the grocery away and offered to do it for me. I said I would just take it slowly but he insisted that at least I would let him out the frozen stuff away. So far I can't fault them. I only had to pay a £1 last time as I chose a less popular slot.x

  • I seem to pay about £4.00 but as you say, you choose your time slot dont you. Ive found them to be very helpful and concerned as well, do the drivers have to be CRB checked do you think? I am so pleased that the wretched site seems to be working properly now I had real issues with it to begin with, it would not let me pay for my groceries!! I would have been quite happy to have them for free but it wouldnt do that either, the grapes have taught me a lesson, and to be a lot more careful!! Lyzzie x

  • The wonder of technology. I am going nighty night as I am out in our back place watching the tropical fish and it is getting quite cold in here not good for fibro. The shrimps have been so interesting tonight I didn't realise how long I had been in here no wonder I am aching as I am only sitting in a deckchair. Hope you have a goodnight😴😴😴😴x

  • Oh it's easy to do, 2 months ago I clicked to ask for one pack of bananas but only one lonely, solitary banana arrived! :-)

  • Good one!!, are they not allowed to use their common sense, I suppose they have to stick to the letter of the order. Hope you enjoyed your banana, I hope you did eat it all at once!! Lyzzie

  • Could have had it with the icecream I ordered haven't had that in ages. Mind you I have now Ben put off eating nannas which I adore by the acupuncturist who said they were actually quite acidic and could be bad for my arthritis, as well as all of the other fruit I love. Can't work all this lot out we are supposed to eat our five or even eight a day and by the time you have taken out all the fruit and veg you re allergic to eg with me anything that has hairs on it like strawberries etc or you don't like or is acidic there isn't enough left to do two a day let alone 5. Well it will it down on what I pay or my Tesco order.z

  • is that true about Bananas I love them, but I love fruit in general, except pineapple, I cant think of a vegetable that I dont like either,..oh yes, Marrow, had it a couple of times and it was like trying to eat hot melon, yuck! Your allergic to Strawberries? that can be tricky, at least they cant be hidden like peanuts, I have to be careful about animal fats, did you know that animal fat is in some soups, thats why I stick with Baxters, seems as though every few months theres something else the experts say we shouldnt be eating!. Have you ever had a goose egg? they are disgusting, my friend Meg keeps geese, chickens, ducks etc., [they are farmers] I swear that chewing the mud at the bottom of a pond would have tasted better!!!. The chickens eggs from the farn are delicious though, he chickens truelly are free range, you have to be careful when you drive in the yards that no suicidal chickens dive in front of the car!! I think I over ordered the sparkling water too, but that doesnt matter, that wont affect me like the Grapes!! Lyzzie x

  • Yes unfortunately he said more or less all the ones I like eg oranges, lemons, grapes are in the same categories. He explained it that as I was Caucasian I should eat food that would naturally grow in this country outside. Well as far as I am concerned with the change in climate grapes are now in the plus side but unfortunately oranges, lemons and bananas are out as they wouldn't naturally grow in this country. Actually there is logic in what he is saying but when strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, goosgogs are out and rhubarb is seasonal I will have to turn into a veg head.x

  • thats an odd thing to say, if we all did that in this country the world economy would collapse!! What about pears and apples? I do like plums, but the dont taste the same any more, I love rhubarb, specially ina crumble! What about Veg though, we do have a lot of that from abroad as well, I am fond of Sweet potatos for instance, they make a change from proper potatos and are excellent roasted, you can even buy frozen sweet potato chips as well, but they never get as crispy as a potato one, Good luck with that! Lyzzie x

  • Certain fruit and veg even though native to this country are actually grown and imported from abroad. If you start researching it others are not our native species. They have been transported and chilled to be kept "fresh" some apples have actually been picked up to a year ago so I think we should have them under the trade descriptions act! Totally agree I used to adore plums and they mostly taste like fleshy water with a tough skin.x.

  • You can never be sure what you are eating these days can you? I remember Victoria plums from childhood, they used to fit in the palm of my hand and literally be bursting with the sun and juice, happy days, used to love Greengages too, think our taste buds change? I find tomatoes dont taste the same either, and as you said about the plums, they seem to have tough skins to them. Lyzzie x

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