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OMG My mood swings have just made me lose some good online friends I made last year!!

Hi I am new to this site but just had to write my thoughts down otherwise I think I might go mad!! Last year I went to see Take That & Robbie in concert..what followed was amazing!! I started reading Robbies blogs and commenting in the forum regularly, over time I began to make friends :) One of the girls suggested we make a private group on FB so it would be easier to chat in real time..that was a year ago last week :) but unfortunately my mood swings have caused problems and I can almost see myself 'throwing tantrums' (I am too old for that!!) They are all so loving and happy but I cant keep up with their energy sometimes :( and finally tonight I said something to one of them that was unforgiveable and so I have left the group as I feel it isnt fair on them :( Now I feel so down and lonely ... for the most part I cope with this awful condition but at night I feel so alone :( I cant sleep, my legs always feel worse and when the reat of the house are fast asleep my mind tends to wander grrrr! I hate being like this... I used to be an outgoing, fun loving person, who was popular and active! Now I feel I am either depressed or grumpy and snappy !!

Sorry to moan on my first blog! Does anyone else feel this way and lost friends with the mood swings??

Sara xx

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hey stop beating up on u two weeks ago i not only upset my friends on line but actually stood in the passage and yelled enuff of you lot leave my flat now and take any of your sh** you have here including your sh***y kids and leave.........

four days later two of them sent me a text to see if i had become me again and i texted the other two telling thme i was at fault and exlained i was going thru mood swings did the same with the on line ones and everyone understood i then told them when i get LIKETHAAT TO TRY TO IGNORE ME OR TELL ME OUTRIGHT THAT I WAS HAVING A BAD MOOD SWING LOL IT IS NOT EASY TO APOLOGISE BUT TRUE MATES ONLINE OR NOT WILL FORGIVE YOU,, oops sorry about cap0 snot shouting just messed up the keyboard lol petal


Thanks for that :) Its nice to know I am not the only one! One of the group has re-added me on fb and seems to understand ...and I think the others would eventually be ok but the one I was horrible too isnt so forgiving! In the beginning we found we had quite a bit on common but as time went on I caught her out with lies :( which i can never condone and this is what the problem was I told her some home truths...she caught me on a bad day, but I think I had bottled it up for so long it came out worse than it should have done because of my mood swings! I think ya rght about true friends..only time will tell ... I have the same problem with the caps lock lol On my old laptop I actually removed the CAP key haha :)


Hi sara,as fadedblossom says don`t beat yourself up about it.At least it was someone you don`t have to see face to face,and if she was telling lies,is she really worth it.

There is only so much crap you can take from people and ones like that you don`t need in your life.

One has re-added you and I should imagine those who have got to know you well will do likewise.

I don`t so much get mood swings but can just get frustrated when a lot is going on around me,and luckily friends understand when I say can we take a deep breath and slow down please.

Maybe even contact the others and let them know your comments were not aimed at them.

And can I just say welcome to the site,you will find it is a safe place to rant if you need to,ask qustions and at times have a good laugh at welcome aboard.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxxxx


Aww thank you so much Butterfly54 :) I am loving this site and the friendliness of you all ..I know ya right about the liar, I really dont think I could of tolerated her for much longer anyway! I did what you suggested and contacted a couple of them and they are fine and said they want to stay neutral so thats ok...but have decided I dont need negative people in my life...Thanks again for the warm welcome :)

Hugs Sara xx


So true we all have to rant now and then we must if know one helps us so welcome sara 69 we here will take it all :-) my self being one the few male Fibro army :-( so soft hugs ))))) .



Thanks Allan :)

(((soft hugs back )))

Sara x


I dropped a group of friends last year as they did nit get my fibro, it has been tough but I am filling my life with friends who do understand , that sounds grand let me explain ...

Starbucks is a fav spot of mine because I go when I am able and we are all friends and they know if I am missing I am ill ...

My friend Mo is 78 so me at 46 can go the same speed...

All my new friends on here and a fibro group I attend...

When I am foul I shut myself away ....

It will come right and TRUE friends will understand ...

Soft hugs xxx



Thanks Penny :) Its funny you saying about going the same speed cos my mum is 73 and had 2 knee replacements and we walk at the same fact I think she slows down for me ;) lol

Thanks again :)

(((soft hugs)))

Sara x


i know how you all feel im having alot of problems with my moods just now and have just come out of a violent relationship im all over the place and im back living with my parents for now but just want to move out but i cant afford to coz of how my last relationship has left me in debt and skint ive been through alot and now these mood swings are getting the better of me and im sturggling to cope some days i just want to be left alone but living with my parents im not they are great and very understanding but i feel so guilty as the slightest thing is annoying me i dont want to be spoken to and feel everytime they speak to me im snapping at them and i feel so awful for doing it but i just cant help it its really upsetting me now but i dont know what to do so i do understand where you are coming from i feel the same and its horrible soft hugs to you all and i hope everything works out for you xx


Hi Harvey12, I was in a violent relationship too and had to move in with my parents (although a few years back now) It is hard but they will understand...its a parent thing lol ;)

I hope things start picking up for you real soon, I know this may sound strange but when I went to victim support after getting out from the abuse, they told me to write letters to everyone I cared about..its up to you if you send them or not but its very important for you to move forward, if you decide to give your letters to your family it might help them understand a little better.

Thanks and (((special hugs)))

Sara x


Do you know what, I think this is the best place to rant and still keep friends. In 'real life' where people can walk away, pull faces etc its so much harder.

I actually don't have any real friends, other than one. The people I talk to are not interested in me. They turn away when I try to say something personal, or show them something personal. If its work related they listen, but I really need someone at work who will actually listen to me and be pleased for me, etc.

So hold onto the friends you have. Apologise for any ranting, with a little explanation its possible to move on. On line friendships are not as real as life ones - but they can be more meaningful!

Soft hugs


Thank you Sarah-Jane :) I do agree sometimes its so much harder to keep friends who are interested and understanding in real life, I lost alot of friends when i couldnt go out drinking at weekends and when I gave up work :( but here we can all rant and understand each other :) I am so pleased I found you all :)

Sara x


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