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back from hospital :(

as you all now i was at the hospital today about my swelling , and was told that they think it is lynmphedema

so got home phoned mum told her then done a silly thing and looked on the intenet for prognotice

so feeling down over that on way home from shops go past my sisters who lives behind me to finde my mum at her house hay life is a bitch then you get my mother

all i feel like doing is to curl up and go to sleep and never whack up

god my mother realy loves me

sory peeps tomorow i will smile and go forth and multiply to every one who has ever said well you will just have to pull your self together whant you

again i am soooooo sory soft hugs to you all

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I'm sorry you feel so low. ((( Gentle hugs )))) Jax xx


thanks hun but nowing mum is just around the courner hurts alot if i done the same thing there would be so much trubel and she does this every week and every week i feel the same

but thanks i am ok now soft hugs to you


Gentle hugs for you Kath.

My mother isn't the most sympathetic of people to say the least , but I don't let it bother me any more. It's her loss.

The internet can be a wonderful source of info , but it can also frighten the life out of you ( I found that out recently ).

Try and relax tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you.

Helen xx


thanks soft huggs to you to


hi sorry u having a bad day, i to have got this problem in my right leg and it deos upset you, please ignore the internet it can exagerate problems !!!!! go and get into bed leave today behind and get up to another day that wil feel different we are strong people, and you have a family on this site who care. with love xxxx


Sorry to hear you have another diagnosis, but at least they have worked out what is going on.

In case you didn't find this, here is the NHS Choices information on Lymphoedema:

And here is the national support network for people with Lymphoedema:


Hi Kath. Feeling for you today with some understanding. Gentle hugs. I hope the sun shines into your life tomorrow xx


Hi Kath, so sorry to hear they think it is lymphoedema but now they have given you a diagnosis at least you can have treatment for it. I have had this for years and years following my op for breast cancer and it is just another thing you have to live with and adjust to. However, saying that, make sure you get yourself referred to the Lymphoedema Clinic at your nearest hospital and get the treatment you need as quickly as you can. This is very very important as although it can't be cured if it is treated properly and promptly it can greatly reduce the effects you get from it. They teach you about skin care and can also give you simple exercises to do that will help the flow of lymph fluid. The can also do something called Manual Lymphatic Drainage and this is a brilliant treatment again for shifting the fluid. This has to be done by a qualified person, let me know if you have a problem finding out who that is in your area and I can ask my Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist if she can help to find out who it is. I have all this treatment on the NHS at my local Cancer Centre.

There is also other treatments they use such as bandaging etc so if one thing doesn't suit you they can find something else that does.

I don't know how much they have told you about the condition but if you notice any redness and soreness in any area you need to have it checked by a doctor asap and will probably need antibiotics for it. When I first had mine I didn't know what was happening so didn't seek medical help straight away and it got quite bad. It is recognised much more now though and there is a lot more understanding and treatment to help. Although you won't get rid of it for most of the time it is possible to live without having severe symptoms and as long as you do as they suggest you can avoid bad flare ups.

There is also a recognised way of treating flare ups and if you do get an infection they suggest you have a 2 week course of antibiotics straight off to ensure it is caught early and everything possible is done to reduce the infection. Some doctors will also give you a spare prescription so that if you have a flare up and are not able to get to see a doctor you can get the tablets straight away. There are still a lot of doctors who are ignorant of lymphoedema so you have to stand your ground over the antibiotics and insist you have them.

Dont be too despondent over this Kath, if you ever need any help or just to chat over things please feel free to contact me at any time and if I can help then I will. For most of the time now mine is very well controlled and gives me very little trouble if thats any consolation to you, and its all down to having the most effective treatment available as early as possible.

Look after yourself and try and get a good night sleep tonight, take care, love Angela xx


Ango,, Please excuse me for butting in but this is a condition which is close to my heart. I have had Lympho for about 35 years now. Left leg is very swollen, Its in both legs but the left one in particular is very bad. Went to Leg Clinic a few times but didn't seem to be getting anywhere so stopped going. The stockings they gave me cut into my leg, particularly where my ankle is, on the top where your foot bends and I could see that if I kept them on the skin would eventually split. I rang the Leg Clinic and told them but they said they only dealt with ulcerated legs now and to go and see my GP who should refer me to the Lympho Clinic and be seen by the MacMillan Nurses who deal with Lymphodeama. This was about 3 weeks ago and up to now have not heard anything,so will have to go back to doctors. Have got used to having this condition after all these years. Its more embarrassing then anything else especially when people say "oh look at your leg, what's wrong with them". Live in trousers and would love to wear a nice dress.

It appears it is a hereditery condition as my mother had the same so has my sister and my daughter.

The FM is not helping these days as the pain from that is bad enough.

Dont know about flare ups as the skin does not break, it's just the very bad swelling. Also have arthritis in knees and ankles.

Any advice you can obtain and pass on to me in the future woud be greatly appreciated.

Clinic told me to keep on wearing the stocking but I haven't because they're hurting so much and cutting into me,so surely they can't be doing any good.

Thanks in anticipation for reading this. Was so refreshing that someone on here mentioned it.


Hi Abbeystead, I will send you a personal message rather than respond on this blog. Take care, Angela xx


Kath please dont let your mum ruin your life. I was like this until I was 40 when one day I just thought "enough is enough". I am me, if she doesn't like, love, appreciate me for who I am then I dont want her in my life. It caused some friction in my life for a while, and some 'words' from my mum, but I dont get upset by what she says, thinks or does anymore. My life is my own and not based on my feelings toward her.

You have enough to contend with - break free!

Angel Hugs

Lindz xxx


Hiya Kath, how are you feeling today? Love Angela xx


Sorry to hear about that Kath, hope you get the best treatment and support available, don't mind your Mam, it's possible she's just worrying about you.

Gentle Hugs and love Claire xxxxx


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