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Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments

Hi there not sure if this is the right place to put this but I thought as long as the information is spread to everyone it didn't really matter.

We are all experiencing the everyday pains and emotional struggles that go with having FM and other ailments that you may have, now on top of that we are all one by one being picked out and having our benefits stopped or decreased.

As a sufferer of FM and a few other ailments I for one know how important it is to retain some form of independents, it is bad enough that we have to rely on our friends and family help us live day to day as normally as possible, things that most take for granted like getting washed and dressed, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc... now the government want us to have to rely on them to provide us with money to help day to day living a little more bearable, have they even considered that some of the things we are saying we can do on their ridiculous forms, are only possible after a cocktail of drugs and or therapies that we have to take or do everyday day to even get up out of bed never mind cope with normal day to day duties.

I am not sure about any of you but I know that I am on 9 different types of medication, all of which cost me £7.65 EACH item, my doctor gives me 3 months supply at a time, which does reduce the cost slightly but it is still £286.20 a year not including any other things I may need during the year like creams or antibiotics etc..., I am sure that some of you have to get yours monthly, how do they think we can pay for them never mind the other therapies that we may need to make LIVING a little more bearable (hydrotherapy, swimming, chiropodist etc...

I for one would feel really awkward asking my friends and family to pay for my medication will then be back to square one and would then be ticking the NO I cannot do this box instead of the YES I can box which many of us have ticked but can only do because of the cocktail of drugs we need to function...remember this when filling out your forms.

Please take a look at the link below (you may need to cut n paste it) read it and sign it and dont forget to PASS it ON..


(((((gentle hugs))))) to you all Kim

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I looked at your title and then thought about all the recent posts from people who have recently been refused DLA or had it taken off them or not got it in the first place and have had to appeal. Seems to me whether its called DLA or PIP the same problems are going to occur so perhaps it's just me being rather foggy but I can't see the name change /policy change is going to make any difference seeing as deserving people are being refused the current DLA....

VG x


I hope not all share your negative attitude towards this problem, Though I am sure ATOS are hoping that more people just DONT bother, (less work for them that way) I know it is a lot of pressure and upset on those who are already feeling at their lowest but if we were

to just roll over and give up FM and other similar illness will never be taken seriously, we need to stick together, what ever our health problems are to ensure that benefit is given to those that really need it.

Not all are refused I for one receive DLA and would be lost without out it hence the reason I wrote this posting, there is a certain way to fill out these forms and details can be found by putting 'Mylegal - ESA' in the search engine and click on 1st link 'ESA regulations under a microscope' it will explain each question and how ATOS decipher each answer.


I don't think I was being negative just honest... I also receive DLA and I class myself as fortunate.. When so many deserving people don't get it or have it reduced. But I also think at any reveiw it may be taken away as so many others have experienced .... I refuse to make my health any worse by worrying about what might happen and tackle things as they present themselves

As I have never claimed ESA JSA or IB I wasn't commenting on that as i have no knowledge , just that I didn't think a change of name from dla to pip will actually make a difference regarding the difficulty people have claiming it

Hope that clears up my first answer



My brain not working properly enough to pick up most of the thread apart from your prescription charges. You can apply for a prepayment certificate that costs 104 a year or pay for 3 months or like I do monthly by direct debit. It saves a fortune.


Thanks jom277, like you I do actually have a prepayment card, I was just trying to point out the cost of purchasing just my normal prescription if the prepayment option was not available, without any added extra's I may get for being ill at any time, but even £104 a year is a lot to find when you have no income because your benefit has been taken away x


Hi hope you don't mind me popping in here, before I received a grand total of £19 ESA I was living on a small widows pension and claimed free prescriptions using the HC2 form that you can get from your local chemist, hope this helps.


Where are you living that you have to pay for your medication..x


In England, I think we are the only country in UK that has to pay prescription charges, x were are you??


I am in Swansea, South Wales, we don't pay for any medication now, I am lucky...xx


people in wales and Scotland are so lucky not to pay prescription charges.i purchase a prepayment cert at cost of 104 pound a year.


prepayment cert can be purchased online.


I think it's discusting that we have to pay for prescripstions at all, it's not our fault that we have this condition, some of us also have other medical conditions and need other meds as well.

Governments need to wake up, not all of us earn 100 k a year, ive got 2 other chronic conditions as wel as fibro and i pay for a yearly prescription card but even this is a lot of money to find, and yes, it does make my blood boil when my hubby goes into the chemist to gert my meds and comes home and tells me that 2 people were in front of him in the chemist and were collecting their bottles of methadone, free of charge.............. How can this be right?

Wishing you all a pain free weekend.



hi all. very interesting comments. I am filling in my DLA form today, which I know will be a massive chore!! I have Fibro but have an underactive thyriod. If any of you are taking thyroid tablets you will get free prescriptions for all you medication....just incase you werent aware.


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