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Change from dla to pip


I need help, I recently had to change over to pip, and I had a tribunal last year and won, capita want me to go to appointment but I can't as I have major mobility issues has my fibro is bad especially with hip condition it's hot worst over the year to the point as I stand up I struggle as well as mental health issues so if it's appointment day and can't get out of bed I can't go, it is especially difficult with having aniexty, they told me they see if they can do it without seeing someone now they have change there mind and I have to go face to face I don't feel comfortable and my health is unpredictable as well as my mobility and I don't want to go and they say you are fine on my worst day being in complete pain it's a embarrassing as I don't want people seeing me in tears in pain I just don't know what to do and I don't want to give in, because I am genuine I would love people's advice on this issue, and what helped them be great help thank you

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Sounds like the Throw the Witch into the river in a basket trick,,,

If it floats she is obviously a witch,

If it sinks well then God will accept her into his loving arms.

Sorry just an observation,, I have never applied for any of these benefits and have no experience but that is my thoughts about it, make of them what you will.

Probably when you get there they will have you walk 500 meters to where ever the examination will take place,, make you sit in a waiting room on a low stool with no back for an hour and their first question will be "how did you get here today?"

in reply to RayB

Exactly, and they don't see the emotional pain of struggle you go through to get there and that's what I won't to avoid going their as it will make my aniexty worst and then I will get paranoid and then my ibs will kick in through stress from my fibro. It's so frustrating when you are genuie and they put all these hurdles in you're way. It would be nice to know how people Have overcome this

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I am not 100% certain but I believe that claimants on PIP can request a home visit? This will need checking up on?

I do not know if you are aware but Fibromyalgia Action UK have a benefits ''Helpline'' that you may find useful. I have pasted you a link to this:

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you


So sorry you are having such a rough time of it

Don't give in you can ask for a home visit and if you can get a letter from your doctor all the better.

I am not sure but I think you have a right to this.

But one thing puzzles me if you had a tribunal lady year and won why are you having to go again so soon.

And if they won't and on the day you are supose to go just ring them up and explain why you are not attending, but I would think you would need a doctors note to say you where not fit to attend as proof, so there for you would have to call your doctor out, because if you atten an appointment they will say you were fit enough to go to the assessment.

Hope all works out but keep plodding on.

Take care G

Ask for a home visit, or demand a home visit.

I could be wrong, but I believe I read somewhere that you can request a home visit . All I would suggest is that if they agree, you have someone with you who can record both what is said and what is done in the form of a medical examination so that it is not just your word against theirs. Worth a try...


You are not allowed to record your assessment yourself and even if you do it will be inadmissible in a Tribunal.

If you want your assessment recorded you have to request the DWP to do it.

All the best

Blue x


yOu have the right to request a home visit if you are housebound.You also have the legal right to request that The DWP provider records this in your home by use of Audio equipment that they bring wth them.This is in the small print and not widely known.Also if you want this you must state so at the telephone request stage when arranging interview to give them time to set up the visit.They must leave you with your own copy before they leave,and if you were to record it yourself you need to use a proffessionally qualified sound engineer to carry out the recording and you must furnish them with their copy before they leave your home after the assessment.Get your doctor onside,if you are hosebound say so and stick to yur rights.

Best of luck.

I got this info from one of the fibro charity websites info pages or M.e pages I cant remember which one im sorry.I requested the home visit myself,and i was assessed by DOctor Consultants evidence.without being seen.I got awarded continued mobility and care awards.

I see you have some great advice as I live in the states our process is different. If you can get a home visit I would!! Hugs and good luck

Ask for a home visit. I

Actually Capita is the company unlike Atos that normally seems to prefer doing a visit in someone's home so I can't understand their reluctance to visit you unless they have changed their policy as they have found it time consuming. As someone has mentioned could you get the Support of your doctor on this with a letter saying they think it would be detrimental to your health to have to travel to an assessment centre.

I also wondered if you went to the Tribunal on your own. If not could the person who went support you and say that they had to be with you as you could not travel on your own which of course would support your case further. Good luck with this.x


You have had some good advice about home visit and recording request. So I will just wish you good luck and let us know how it goes. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

just to let everyone know I'd had enough of not getting anywhere so i made a complaint today and also i wrote a reasonable adjustment by the quality act to get to a better location to suit my needs, i wrote a letter to the ceo of capita so if things changed i will let you know i am not backing down.

my doctor is onside, but the reason why is because i have violent outburst when people dont understand me as its a way to cope and get my emotion out

I had a home appointment it went ok and got the rise to full care pip . The nurse was able to ask me questions and I was more relaxed try and get a home visit xxx

If you ask for a home visit I would strongly suggest that you have as much written medical evidence that you can supply I think your Dr would be the best person to write you a letter to support your medical problems as to why you cannot attend face to face interview Demanding anything will not help your case in the slightest and will only inflame their attitude as to you attending face to face...good luck

Hi just a little note for us I send a hug as well!

I put a complaint in about how I was treated at the assessment not about any decision at all, low and behold there combining to my home in two weeks. Not to assess me but to talk about my complaints, bet there will have a snoop as well,lol.

You know what I am just so happy they are taking interest in it.

And yes definitely you can ask for a home visit


When I had to have a f2f for my ESA I was virtually housebound, incontinent and very unsteady on my feet for many other issues not fibro but when I informed them of this they sent an assessor out to my house for the interview!

Not that that helped much as they initially declined me on the fact I had been able to open the door to them! But try and talk to someone to see if they can meet you! x

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