Arthritis instead of fibro

just been to the doctors with my fibro pain as I has gotten alot worst recently. The doctor told me i didn't have fibro and instead had arthritis even thou I dint get joint pain, its muscle pain.

has anyone else had this? I don't know what to say to the doctor to get him ti believe me.. My previous doctor who diagnosed fibro has now left.

thanks in advance.

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  • Hi how does he know exactly what it is ? Is he a guru of all things arthritis ... Go to see another Dr at the practice and say you would like to be referred to a specialist rheumatologist. It was my specialist who finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia after struggling with the symptoms for almost 12 years. GP kept telling me it was all in my head and because I was suffering with depression. Bloody infuriating especially when on lots of occasions my mental health was perfectly stable but as soon as pain and fatigue took its grip my happy as Larry would get eaten up and I would go to the Dr sobbing and desperate. It's because you're depressed....Erm no I am now this depressed again because am in agony and can barely muster up the energy to keep breathing for myself. Please push for referral as you are more than likely to get a definitive diagnosis doing this....Fibro V Arthritis, and I would be surprised if it came back as diagnosis of arthritis. Huge hugs and try to keep your chin up. Drs can be such insensitive know it all,egotistical twerps at times...They can also be very lovely and understanding, however I myself have found d those to be very few and far between xx

  • That's what he said to me! Your depressed, I was like no I'm just in pain, I'm normally a pretty happy positive person haha.

    I asked for a referral and he just said he doesn't understand what he would be referring?

  • Grrr if it was amother GP who initially diagnosed you with the fibromyalgia then this GP is still saying its arthritis and dismissing the previous fibro diagnosis I say maybe go back to him armed with info about fibromyalgia and it's symptoms and state that you have friends with exactly or very similar symptoms. Don't dismisss his arthritis theory cos watch out,bruised ego here we come...After all he's the Dr not you ! Sounds like he is penny pinching as each referral made to a specialist costs of course and it's easier to keep fobbing you off. So what I am saying g is tell him that you would appreciate the referral to the rheumatologist because they can do more extensive and specialised tests and that you have the right to know what it is you are fighting so that you can better understand and managr your symptoms. He is stabbing in the dark cos he can't say for sure what it is. Only the rheumatologist can after more specialised tests. It could be a myriad of conditions , polyarthritis, arthralgia,fibromyalgia.Even multiple rather than one. He is not listening to you and is doing you a huge disservice xx

  • Hello serendipity,

    Sorry to see that probably your GP has confused you. But firstival if your fibromyalgia has been diagnosed by a rheumatologist then your gp is in the wrong of telling you that you have arthritis instead. This means you have arthritis and fibromyalgia.

    How did he diagnose your arthritis?

    For me it's different after my fm got worse I was diagnosed with arthralgia.

    You need to challenge your gp with facts if you have been diagnosed by a rheumatologist. As see different gps I once had one of them telling me why you have fibro? Who told you? I get burning itchy spots on my body where I'm overstressed and he said no its not stress that causing it, it's caused by the black trousers you are wearing!!!!!

    I came out straight to the receptionist and asked to never allocate me an appointment with him again. You can do the same and see a different gp in your practice maybe?

    I hope this help

  • Hi, I did try and see a different GP and literally told me to go away because he wasn't my GP. He just did a blood test and said I was too young for fibro (I'm 20) so it must be arthritis.. I didn't realise there was an age limit on fibro?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that! How silly is that? How can you be too young for fibromyalgia and not too young for arthritis???? There is not age limit for fibromyalgia as even teenagers get it. I know this must be hard for you and I hope you have a support of someone who can go with you to your gp. And try to see all different gps at your practice. Go to them as many times as you can with your symptoms well expressed and like I said have someone with you and ask for a referal to a rheumatologist who can diagnose fibromylgia.. this how mine was done after 3 years of going back and forth to the gp and and so many blood tests to rule out any other conditions.

    Keep on posting we are here to help each other and give it time more and more members will support you through this.

  • exactly that's what I thought haha! I think I am just gunna have to go back and back to them. thanks.

  • I have both arthritis and Fybromyalgia and the pain is entirely different between the two, so you could have both arthritis and fibro, have you seen a rheumatogist , they specialise in both , if your Dr refuses to refer you though I don't see how he can, either make a complaint, change Drs or go privately to a rheumatologist., good luck

  • Hi, I had that problem years ago when my gp retired, his replacement change some of my medication without even seeing me and when I went to see her she basicly told me that she didn't believe in fibromyalgia so I changed to another dr at the same practice but one who i had on occasions saw when my own gp wasn't available and I have been with him for years now and he is great,

    Some of the doctors have no idea what they are taking about.

    All the best but don't just put up with it.

    Loraine x

  • Thanks. I'm going to try a different practice I think because I've been through all them Haha.. I also have thyroid problems and one told me that it want a real problem and that I didn't have anything wrong with me and now this so

  • Hey sorry to hear you are going through this. I was wondering if you have tried drinking Apple cider vinegar drinks with mother and lemon and raw honey and water. I have been drinking once a day(first thing in the morning) for several months now, occasionally (when I can think about it and it's convenient ) I drink another at lunch.

    It hasn't cured me or made me pain free, but it has definitely kept me functional. It(APCw/mother) has the reputation of being an inflammation killer.

    It might help you if you want to try it. :)

    I haven't heard of it messing with any meds but always double check if you are taking any.

    Good luck on your journey, I hope you can find the help you need soon.

    Take care×××

  • So sad to read your post there still seems to be GPs out there who seem to want to diagnose fibro as something else. Many of us like myself have both osteo arthritis and Fibromyalgia and it is sometimes difficult to say what is causing a certain system but it seems if we go with some strange symptom we usually get it's the fibro which can be just as frustrating. Is there another Gps practice within your area? I know that might not be possible as in my catchment area there are only two and one is under special measures so I really had no choice, hope you have more. No I have never heard of an age limit for fibro. Again many of us on reflection realise that we may have had fibro symptoms from a very early age but then it was out down to other illnessess. I just hope you can be believed and get some help. Take care and let us know how you are.x

  • Hi, I'm at uni so I think I'm going to change back to my doctors at home as these were so much more understanding and actually helped rather then either say it's something or in some cases say it's just in my head.. despite having blood tests showing inflammation and other things! It's so frustrating.

    Thanks for the reply,

  • I think that is a good idea.x

  • Hi Serendipity_28 Is that right you have had blood tests showing Inflammation ? The reason i ask is because signs of Inflammation markers in the blood are more likely to be something else other than Fibro. It is known that Fibro is not inflammatory in origin and would not show up in a blood test. But arthritis definitely show some some kind of marker. I would go back and talk to your doctor about it. If you have inflammation it would cause you pain and maybe you should be on some kind of medication. Maybe your last doctor got his diagnoses wrong. I would check it out.

  • last time I had them they didn't shoe anything and I had them taken again yesterday, along with antibodies so I'm waiting in those results

  • Oh sorry my misunderstanding I thought you had wrote tests was showing inflammation.


  • Hi Serendipity_28

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of how this doctor has made you feel. As Dizzytwo says, if you have inflammation markers in your blood they are going to swing towards arthritis but I also have both arthritis and Fibro. I would see a different GP at your surgery and ascertain what they think is happening for you?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My GP diagnosed Fibromyalgia but said a Rheumatologist would have to confirm it. I saw one and she diagnosed it by various pressure points. Nobody has questioned it since. I was on Pregabalin that really didn't suit me. When I saw the Rheumatologist she gave me Duloxatine. I haven't had any problems with that. 60mg is the dosage for Fibromyalgia my GP told me. I have since reduced to 40mg and am still OK. Push for an appointment with a rheumatologist. If the waiting list is very very long go privately for a consultation. Your bloods should have been done by your GP so they can access those online. I get a copy of all my test results from my GP. Never had any objections. All the best with it.

  • Update: just git my bloods back and they were all normal, do showed no inflammation.. does this disprove the arthritis theory?

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