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work and pain

well here i am again getting ready to go into work unsure how long i will be able to cope physically and mentally. I had a real bad shift yesterday and my pain levels are through the roof at moment pain killers just not touching pain, i have an appointment with an orthopedic consultant tomorrow, so maybe he can tell me why i have had pain in my hip for the last 2years i thought fibro was random pain in muscles not in joints i have arthitis in my knees and GP has said i cannot have anymore cortisone jabs as i have been having them every 3 months for 2 years and the last one my leg at the back of my knee swelled up about a week after i had which was 6 weeks ago and GP says it might be a reaction to cortisone my leg is still swollen i am so depressed at moment and GP has increased my prozac again but it does not seem to help, i just dont how i can cope at moment i feel so low which i know is not helping the pain . i am currently seeing the ME clinic and they are trying to teach me how to pace myself. gp thinks CBT might help anyone tried it?

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hi Honey

have you had your hips xrayed ? as you have arthritis already in your knees maybe you have it in your hips, also hip arthritis pain can be felt in the knees , It happened with my Mum she only had knee pain and had 2 hip replacements in the end

i would ask the ortho for an xray if not suggested by him / her

Do you not take any pain meds ? again i would discuss this with the ortho, maybe make a kist of questions ? it works for me

take care , comforting uplifting hugs xx


yes i take pregablin, (max dose) tramadol (max dose) and naproxen i also tke amytriptelene (cant spell) and no i have not had them xrayed as my GP decided to refer me to ortho and let them do tests i think they must pay to send someone as she did not seem keen although she is very supportive and understands the problems we have with fibro thanks and hugs back xxx


Here is some info on Work & Fibro:

Fibro can cause pain anywhere in the body, but localised predictable pain often has another cause, even if it is related to the Fibro (e.g. Myofascial Pain or Hypermobility).

Are you seeing a rheumy about the arthritis?


Hi honey,

If you have been referred for CBT, I would say definitely go for it.

It won't cure you, but it's very good indeed at helping you to cope.

I had a course a few years back and it was excellent - it sort of saved me from myself in a way - I hadn't realised that I was behaving self-destructively.

Everyone's different of course, but I can't see that you have anything to lose by giving it a go!

Moffy x


GP is talking about CBT as she thinks it will help me havent been referred yet i shall speak to her next week when i see her xxx thanks


Hi honey

its a tough old world for many of us and hard for anyone to understand how we feel and even those who specialise in this field are not sufferes they may be qualified to help but its something that is hard to deal with as some say that you cannot have injections in so many areas (which you can)

personally i not had any injections and hoping this will happen soon as reaching certain pain levels is difficult but we could go on a half decent day and think pain meds be enough, but it is in the long run we need effects for everyday help.

you should keep on pushing the professions and insisting as best you can because if they think you can cope for a second your out the door not to be seen again for months!

not like we can just walk into a pain clinic with a certificate to show heres a massive bad day and can i have injections today please it jsut does not seem to work this way.

i think it should!!

or have some at home and be trained for a loved one to do it for us when the times are really harsh.

yes too about arthritis checking this and what type as i was checked for RA and i said i do not believe it is i think its OA i feel riddled in it and runs in my family too and of course the RA blood tests came back fine so this led me to believe are they doing the job rite should they not check for both anyway.

i suffer up and down stairs in my knees around the bone and around my hips and base of spine and many other areas too and it tires you to exhaustion most of the time because your using all the energies you have.

i run my work and i am so exhausted by time i get home and some days are just plain not bearable but got to push and push .

the injections are usually as you know every 3months but on what i hear myself they dont always last !

prozac have you questioned this at all is it doing anything for you?

we all have diff meds as to what suits our bodies.

ohhh wishing you some relaxation and bit more ease .

caroline xxx


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