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Half Term Blues

Well half term is here and so is my grandson. He is mildly autistic we think so can be difficult if you forget to spell things out. Trouble is I had to dance to some music on Sunday and am now in the middle of a lovely flare!

My back needs a TENs machine on it constantly to try to ease the pain. I have to be up and about because of my grandson, but to be honest he has been a darling getting things for me. We have even managed to bake a packet cake for his mum. She is 25 today! Got to do the butter icing soon. It baked well and looks promising.

If this had happened during the school term I would be stuffed! The very next time I am off sick I have to have a big meeting with the head of school, personnel and my union. Work have been fair as the last term was the first I was not off sick sometime for the past two years.

Have to go, not been paying attention to my grandson...

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well you know how it goes, the kids are off and so is the Fibro. Been there done that and still not recovered xxxxx (enjoy the birthday celebrations)


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