to day what i did

to day what i did

hi every one this morning i awoke and i was stiff as hell, and in so much pain, but i thought today i am going to do things i have wanted to do for along time, and i have got a green house, not a class one, i bought it from poundstrechers. and between my family i got it up, i have been out my garden and have enjoyed the sun and being with my grandson and my friend. and although i have trouble getting around it have decided it is not going to stop me doing things. i am going to grow some herbs and flowers for my hanging baskets and my grandson wants to grow tomatoes and lettuce, well we will see if we will succeed or not. i won,t give up any more.

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  • Well done I miss my garden and it is so over grown!! I have a fairy garden somewhere in the jungle.....second year not able to do it . Got a gardener coming to help OH.

    Glad you enjoyed it x

    Rainbow hugs x x

  • you have fairies at the bottom of your jungle how wonderful I hope you manage to get down with them - Fairy magic is soooo good :) xgins

  • Well done what a positive day you have had Silvia good luck with your herbs and salad. You should get a bumper crop for trying so hard.


  • Oh that sounds great fun :) .. I grown my own veg, herbs and some fruits! Love working in the garden, good luck & let me know how you get on!

    C x

  • It's fun growing your own stuff. I.m attempting carrots, onions, potatoes, runner beans, sweet peas and spring onions. I only have a balcony so it's all grown in tubs.

  • You go girl! Nothing like a grandchild to get you motivated, no matter how difficult it is :)

    Moffy x

  • Sylvia well done lady .i try one day doing things one day resting sometimes it works lol my OH just made me a raised veg patch just have to fill it up now .. Happy veg growing nature is so clever

  • today is another day. not so good today but my ethan me special grandson is so positive, he helped me up and we had a nice breakfast in the garden, and today he is going to help me do smore pots, he keeps me going and he gives me a reason to get up and to do things, i lost that way of thought for awhile and since seeing ethan again and his smile life is worth living and he is so good with me evan though he is only 8 years old. hope every one has someone like me. lots of hugs to all have a nice day to all and every one

  • Ohhh brilliant. I don't seem to be able to grow much but it is fun. I have a courgette planet plant out of a whole packet ! And I have some chives growing. My mind is in a pot.... It makes wonderful mint tea ! Just a few leaves in hot water instead of a tea bag. I think I might head to the garden centre and get some plants that are already started

  • Mint not mind ! My mind is always in a pot mind you

  • Well done.. Good for you. I bet you felt a little better. If only mentally..for having done something rather than nothing.

  • put in chives,mint. parsley, thyme, nastutions in pots on sunday my grandson is home from scholol half term and he said what can we do today nan, and i said i am a bit stiff today ,but he said thats ok nan i love you millions and he gave me hugs and we are going for a little walk..and to day i am going try and put in some plants that we got from a booot sale in my hanging baskets and ethan is going to help me.. hope every one is going to have a good day and we that is ethan and me send lots of hugs to every one.

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