Well guy's I managed to survive the school holidays, I have 5 grandchildren, 2 girls, 3 boys, 2yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs, 6yrs, and 11yrs. I am pleased with myself for being able to look after them whilst their parents are working, the kids are great as I have always been poorly since they were born they are very understanding when I need to sit quietly to let the pain relief settle in, so between us we have had a very nice summer, lots of picnics to the park and some days out and lots of drawing, painting and off course the pool in the garden and water pistols for all, I was daft enough to think they would resist the temptation to soak nana, they particularly enjoyed that one! Parents are now in charge, little ones back to school on Tuesday, eldest off to secondary school! Me, well I am in agony, think it might take till next half term to recover, I have pushed myself too hard, but they are not young for long and I will be in pain wether I join in or not, so I join in and enjoy the memories and photos whilst I try to recover. I have my pip assessment next week after waiting 12 months for it, it would make life so much easier as I struggle on my widows pension, I am very fortunate that my children help me around the house as much as they can, during the holidays they lend me a car to take the children out, I will feel the loss of this most as I am back to being bound to the house most days. They paid for me to spend a week in Durham with my 86year old dad , which was very pleasant as we both go at the same speed and need regular tea stops, so altogether has been a difficult summer ( pain wise) but very enjoyable as well. Now the house is once again peaceful and I am ready when the pain dulls to begin making doll and teddy clothes for Christmas presents for the little darlings! Hope you are all well!

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  • I is very impressed by your stamina.

    I always think we are in the business of creating happy memories for grandchildren.

    the best thing I invested in recently was a load of stainless steel kitchen bits from a charity shop. Pepper pot gravy boat various bowls and pans that sort of thing.

    They love them. They get taken outside and I have a small digging pit. On rainy days they are morphed into making pebble soup and various delights.

    I only paid a fiver for the lot.

    Worth every penny.

    Enjoy your crafting.

  • Congratulations you have had the most wonderful summer building memories with your grandchildren. They will all ways remember the water pistol fights the picnics and the love!

    A you say now it is term time and then Christmas as all ways so much todo between the pain days. I hope you manage well / Sencing you a giant cuddle for being a granny who happens to have fibro!!!! :) Keep smiling xgins

  • Sounds as though you and the grandchildren had a whale of a time and you must have created many happy memories for them. It must have been lovely to have that week with your Dad. Have a well deserved rest now and do something just for youx

  • Hi sophie22

    It really odes sound like a good time has been had by all. However, I genuinely hope that you do not end up paying the price for too long?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Sophie, glad you survived ! I agree it is worth the pain to have some good memories, as you say we are in pain anyway. I just wanted to let you know i recently had my pip assessment and it went much better thsn i was expecting. I saw a senior nurse who understood all about fibro which was suprising enough, but she was also very polite and friendly and put me at ease. It took about 6 weeks after to receive a decision and i was awarded both mobility and care component. Just wanted you to know it can be a good experience. All the best,

  • Thanks Shazzee, I am taking a friend with me, otherwise I would not be able to get there, its three bus rides from my home town, impossible, my friend is very supportive so will help me stay focused and calm.

  • Hi Sophie is it possible to get a lift or a taxi to the assessment as you are also assessed on how you get there and they will make assumptions based on the fact that you can use public transport.

  • Its three bus rides away, so no chance of me getting there under my own steam, a friend is kindly taking me!

  • Bless Your Heart!!! I don't know how you did it. Energy wise I'd have dropped the ball. Good for you!!! You are right though they grow so fast, so glad you got to enjoy them!!! Hope you get to feeling better sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hi Sophie,

    You don't have to go to the assessment centre, they will do a home visit if you request it.

    I had my home visit last December and was awarded my PIP in April. x

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