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Just had a copy of the letter sent to my gp after he referred me to Physio.

" We are unable to support patients with long term illness "

It waffled on a bit more about patient expectations etc but basically the answer was NO.

Can't help, bye.

So the help which I previously had fro m another hospital, to keep me going and able to manage my six catheters a day etc even though my hands cramp and spasm can no longer be supported....because I am long term sick with FM, PA, Hypothyroidism, MS OA and more.

Thanks NHS, this will be the same NHS then that I worked my socks off foruntill ill health forced early retirement.

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I think I would be sending a copy of this letter to PALS at the hospital, Yes I retired from NHS with fibro and other things but my trust has championed my care with physio and hydrotherapy, maybe you can,t do acquatics with your other conditions> Are you able to empty your catheter and "plug it off" without the bag for 30 minutes? If so you should be able to try Hydro .. Do not sit back and accept this ask your g.p to refer you to another trust. I came away from my local trust as funding is low and therapies scarce but the City hospital is excellent.. Good Luck keep fighting and write to PALS maybe get them to refer you on.


Please don't just accept this, I know we have little energy to do battle for our care but I find this is not acceptable, in my case it is only the input of physio that keeps me mobile. I do hope you find a resolution xx


sorry to hear this. So basically what their saying is if it's not a quick fix then it is no fix at all well that stinks imo. If support can not be given to those with long term health issuies who need it the most why bother having a physio service at all. At the end of the day it all boils down to cost.

My husband worked all is life from leaving school at 15 I worked till bad health made it impossible. But now it seems it is folks like us who have helped fund the NHS for others to reap the benefits. Many who have never even paid any dues and can just roll up and get free help. I will say no more or i'm sure to have the post removed.

I also would feel aggrieved at the way you have been treated as I am sure would many others on this forum. xx



Here here. I've had a rant on here already today and I read an article on Facebook yesterday about an ex servicemen pensioner that was left with £10 a week after the carehome had had their share and had another rant. what's the matter with these people. You were promised you would have a good pension. You were promised a good health service. What's happened is they have had your money and told you to get lost. How we treat our elderly and disabled is beyond belief. 😠 think I better sign off for the rest of today. Wishing you all the best x


That shocking there must be something that can be done!


Don't give in, complain to all and sundry and see if your treatment can continue elsewhere. It is truly disgraceful they are treating you like this.

Chin up! We are all behind you!


That's awful please appeal it is outrageous 🙁

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That will be the very one lol. I would have thought that patients with long term conditions would be the best choice to be helped, but hey, that makes sense! The NHS have never been brilliant at looking after their own. I cracked tibia and was strapped up so I didn't take any time off work, otherwise I'd have been put in a cast!! That was 1980 so they've not started something new xx

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Thanks to you all for the support, I will work up some energy and then have another go at them but not convinced I will get anywhere in my area...they prefer to pay managers stupid money than have more staff and treat patients.

I was referred to this hospital due to the closure of the outpatient physio dept at my last hospital

Regarding Aquatherapy it is quite honestly the only thing that helped me in the past but no longer available on NHS here.

Was hoping to get at least some hydro and / or some hot wax therapy for my hands.

I suppose if I am no longer able todeal with my catheters they will spend much more money doing surgery for suprapubic cath or sending district nurses in. Madness.

I wonder if they will start sending out info sheets to tell us what to do and where to buy equipment next !

My father in law has been offered home physio visits seven times in the past 12 months after falls and call to careline. He is 94 but then I suppose he doesn't have long term illness because how long could it be when already 94 ?

Anyway that wasn't meant to sound mean...I appreciate the help dad is offered

Thanks again for all your support and ideas.

Watch this space


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Hi my friend

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I was wondering if it is because they are the wrong physio dept to see? There is an alternative that my wife goes to called 'Neurology Physiotherapy' For her MS, and I have pasted you an excerpt and a link below.

This is from the *Doncaster & Bassetlaws Hospitals but most hospitals have a department like this:


Neurological Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that specialises in the treatment and management of people who have a neurological condition resulting from damage to their brain, spinal cord or nerves.

Neurological physiotherapy provides this service in a number of settings, including acute hospital wards, rehabilitation wards, in the community setting (in peoples homes) and in an outpatient setting.


Stroke (CVA)

Huntingtons Disease

Motor Neurone Disease

Head Injury

Muscular Dystrophy

Cerebral Palsy

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinsons Disease


Charcot Marie Tooth

Other Neurological conditions


You can be referred to the Service by your GP, Consultant or Specialist Nurse.

If you feel you would benefit from seeing a neurological physiotherapist, then please discuss a referral with any of the above people.

I genuinely hope that you find this useful, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you for this information, I will look into it.


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