what can i do my doctor wont listen to me ?

for about a year -maybe more-have had swollen abdomen with pain and discomfort mostly on left side,painful protruding ribs,never feeling hungry.abdomen is a solid mass and has swollen even more in last few weeks,dr's dismiss everythign i tell them and i am at my wits end as i know my body and its not right.i have lost weight recently btu gained weight over

last copl of years which can only be due to the cyst.

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  • hi, have you a walk in centre you could go to ? the Drs are not doing thier job if they aren't putting your mind at rest if not how about changing GP surgeries ? xJ

  • Hi,Change GP or change surgery or take a friend with you to the apt. Amazing how different profs can be when others are present. Hope it works. Good Luck xx

  • thank you both for your responses.i have already changed to a second surgery as first one the doctor i had was rude and offered no sympathy etc.i have the best doctor at my practice now and am not sure about seeing other GPs as they will just do the same and that is dismiss everything i tell them.when i saw the NP yesterday and from what she said it seems doctors are not recording the true symptons etc .there is no walk in centre where i live.

  • Go to A&E & they will HAVE to help you. Just say the pain has suddenly got worse (even if it has'nt) I know it's a bit naughty, but you need help NOW! Be prepared to wait ages, but that has got to be better than being ignored by GPs. Good luck, let us know how you get on. xx

  • i went to A&E twice-the first time the Dr said she wouldnt do anything cos she didnt know what medication i was on and the 2nd would not listen to me either and feeling my stomach said there was nothing wrong despite being well swollen and telling them i had lipomas and a cyst

  • i have amde anotehr appt to see my gP on thurs but the wya i feel right now it feels as if im going to burst.

  • chicme keep at em until you get answers i have nearly died twice in the last 8 years with twisted bowels and blockages vomiting my bowels belly blowing up so very bad and pain so bad doctors telling my kids not to hold out much hope for me horrible times so please keep at them im not saying you have any of this just be careful .

  • I agree - over play it just a tiny bit and go to A&E, they are going to give you a proper examination, have no preconceived ideas and will either take action themselves or refer you to a specialist. It has to be worth the porky.

    If you don't want to go to A&E then make an appointment with your GP and take along your stroppiest friend or relative to argue your case and emphasise how ill this is making you; my boyfriend plays the stroppy advocate so well and gets results too :-)

    You need to see a specialist - probably a gastroenterologist (sorry about spelling).

    ((((( gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • Please go straight to A & E as this sounds serious. Let us know how you get on and good luck xxxx

  • Absolutely agree............straight to A & E

    Good luck & (((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    E x :)

  • the nearest a&E to me is 60 miles away.my local hospital doesnt have an A&E anymore -downgraded to a minor injuries unit.i have a problem cos i ahve 2 dogs and noone to look after them if i went


  • In the longer term I would get a different gp and get someone who knows and understands your problems to come with you. I took my daughter and part time carer with me to the doctors and although it was frustrating for the doctor to be talking over me to them it got things sorted and my health got taken seriously. Oh and then I changed to a lovely gp x

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