well i have just got back from walking my dogs and almost in tears from the pain in my abdomen and groin.especially groin making walking difficult it was that bad.sometimes i feel like not taking my dogs for a walk but it gets me exercise I wouldn't do otherwise.

all i can feel is the pressure on my ribs and on my abdominal wall.i don't know how much more I can cope with .I so wish they would hurry up with my gallbladder op.

drs still arent listening to me,giving any answers fro at least the last 18 months.

when I first got rib pain etc.this and protruding ribs and pressure on them ,as well as more recently my cough I have had since sept.

the rheumatologist also failed to listen .he commented that I had gained 11kgs in 7 years since I last saw him and I said I have lost weight recently and any weight gain is all abdominal so going on a diet will not make any difference until what ever is causing my stomach to swell is treated.

I dont believe that if it is fluid or gas that it can cause so much pain and soreness and discomfort.

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  • Hi anbuma. I have been following all your threads although I haven't replied on all of them I do read them... It seems your gps surgery have reached a stalemate here the practice manager isn't contacting you , your GP seems dismissive to you and your rheumatologist doesn't seem to understand your concerns. Is it possible for you to change surgerys is there another one near you who may be more sympathetic .. I know you recently went private and got no answers there either , just another all clear report. IF neither is an option you can ask to be referred to another rheumatologist .. I have been sent to 3 the first two retired after seeing me.... I wonder why :-/ .. My third rhematologist was great he listened got me the appropriate help but had to discharge me back to my GP cos every med he gave me I was allergic to so my GP manages my pain himself..

    If the pain today is so bad can you phone NHS direct ... Or if its that bad a trip to A&E that's how my gallstones were discovered and whipped out ...

    Fingers crossed

    VG x

  • I'm with VG's exile not advice, it sounds like you've got a lot to contend with as far as your care from the health service is concerned. If you a in such a lot of pain you must take yourself off to A&E, but please don't put yourself through the agony of assuming its something sinister. Weight gain can also be a side effect of some medications, I know you feel like its all your stomach, but it may be other places, it's just that one is so much more aware of one's tummy and its increase or decrease. Have you got a date for you gall bladder op yet ?

    I'm sending you loads of positive thoughts and gentle hugs x

  • As I have said before if things keep coming back clear then I would say there is not tumour there. If there was is would be picked up and I have in the past tried to explain away some of the things you may be going through. yes you need that operation and the sooner the better as that problem can radiate pain far and wide making you think other things are going on. I think I have also mentioned in the past that fibro is caused by a chemicak imbalnce in the brain, it cannot be measured therefore cannot be cured. That imbalance makes any pain we have increase to an unbearable stage. DId you know you can have groin pain and vulval pain caused by fibro, something to think about. In the past I have recommended if the pain is so bad go to A&E. It is the only thing you can do. Tell them your fears and if they deem it necessary they will do x-rays and scans and maybe if they are clear agin this may put your mind at ease once and for all.

    I hope you do not think I am being harsh but you are getting yourself into an awful state, can see that by your title as you seem to have convinced yourself you have a tumour. I do not think you have based on your previous topics. I am not being harsh I am just trying to stop you worrying yourself to death. So many people are diagnosed with things that are going to kill them, like me and I would give anything to go NHS AND Private and be given the all clear.

    Sit back and relax and take heed of all the advice you are given. Pain gets bad GO to A&E, for your own peace of mind xxxxx

  • Also meant to add that I have protuding ribs a lot of the time caused by the ribs going into spasm, very painful indeed and has a lot to do with fibro xxxxx

  • And yes stomach gas CAN cause that much pain having been there so many times myself, I can verify this xxxxx

  • thanks guys. I really do heed everyone's advice but part of me still feels that way. It would help if the doctors listened to me a bit more and explained things.things like having a cough for a long time ,weight loss ,abdominal lumps and rib pain if they are all associated with fibro my rheumatologist never suggested that.I get more help ,advice and answers from you guys even though some forums have conflicting comments.|I also think gallstones could have been picked up sooner by gp its in the last year and a half when things got a lot worse.i hope to speak with the practice manager to discuss a few things next week when she is back.i don't have a partner and my friends don't all understand fibro.i am right to be concerned about weight loss?I hope to get my hospital appt soon and may ring the hospital myself to find out when its likely to be.


  • Hi Guys

    does anyone know if anything can be done or have had anything done about stomach gas?I am struggling to cope with the hugeness of my stomach.BTW no gp has ever mentioned

    stomach gas to me.

    am so lucky to have 2 dogs who are so loving and know when I am feeling low,my buster did something this morning which was slightly out of character for him.he actually jumped on the sofa and onto my lap.


  • I don't know what meds you are on but there is an over the counter remedy available called windeeze but I don't know if it would conflict with any meds you take ... I suffer from Ibs when stressed and my GP prescribed mintec peppermint oil,capsules which do help. As does peppermint tea

    I hope this helps we want you on here as well and happy as you can be

    VG x

  • thanks VG.i will check it out. I used to drink peppermint tea a lot when I had IBS years ago.i have bought green tea cos I read somewhere that that would help?

  • I drink peppermint cordial when the gas is really bad. A good brand can be quite expensive but it works. I also use crushed Caraway seeds tied up in a bit ot muslin cloth and let it steep in a cup of hot green tea. I wish you luck with your appointemnt wiht practice manager xxxxxx

  • I tried the green tea this morning for first time and it was absolutely disgusting.think i'll stick to peppermint.practice manager telephoned me this a.m and apologized as she had been away fro 2 weeks.had conversation and I think I got my point across that doctors need to listen

    to what they are told and give some answers not just dismiss everything

  • Sorry your green tea experience was not good. You can add a teaspoon on honey to it or even lemon juice. And I am hoping that after your meeting that things move forward for you now xxxxx

  • For me....cutting out wheat yeast and dairy had a huge effect on gas. My gut was running too fast so cutting out caffiene and artificial sweetners also helped.

    Stress obviously is a major toxin to the system and I have to work actively to lessen my own internal anxieties. I think we are often programmed to feel bad so therefore think the worst. Perspective can be hard to find. I also find doctors difficult to deal with. I really don't go much now. They can only see what blood tests tell them. Obviously your blood markers are not showing anything. That's typical for fibro. But the good news is its not life threatening whatever's going on. Pain and wind ARE fibro.

    Can I suggest you find a naturopath and maybe have an EIS scan. (it does Google) cost me 100 quid.....but it has been the best thing for me to find out what was going on. Really put my mind at rest x

  • I take note of what you are saying but I eat very little dairy foods apart from milk on my cereal every day.the same goes fro bread-its not often and only toasted.having to have cereals for breakfast means I do eat a fair amount of wheat cereals btui cannot get by without having a cereal breakfast.toast would not suffice.

  • I have porridge with soya milk x its amazing how difficult it is to get off the foods that are hurting us......we crave them x

    Oh and in decaf tea I have lacto free milk. I still think I react to I don't have it often x

    I think for me, its become, what I CAN do for myself...instead of obsessing about what others won't do for me x

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