protruding ribs and bloating?

I developed protruding ribs 2 years ago and this is when my probs began.the dr I saw said its just inflammation.then I learnt of a condition called costochondritis(from healthunlocked-hope I got this right).the last few days my ribs feel even more protruded and painfully sore.i believe it is caused by whatever is making my stomach swell.despite cutting out certain foods it is just gettign bigger so now my tops I wear are riding up and only wearing baggier tops to hide it.has anyone experienced this-PRESSURE on their ribs?see dr again(not my own -the female dr i have seen recently)and ask her fro her opinions on everything from my ribs to stomach?am concerned that my stomach is still getting bigger.does anyone else's keep getting bigger or are they stayed the same.

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  • I regularly suffer with bouts of costochronditis,it is extremely painful but doesn't cause swelling or bloating,the last bout of it I had to be given morphine,I can honestly say it's the most excruciatingly painful condition,it is inflammation and tearing of chest wall muscles and those in-between the ribcage,I am asthmatic which exhasberates the condition i also can no longer carry out heavy lifting!

  • Hi Della thanks for that explanation-its more than any DR has ever told me

  • I get this too and it is very painful and feels like my lungs are being crushed, but doesn't make me bloated or cause any swelling and my ribs don't protrude.

  • Hi Mary, how you doing?

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, thanks for asking, going through a bad spate of upper back pain and muscle spasms round my rib area and sides, doesn't seem to want to go away, and nothing seems to relieve it. Not even sure what brought it on! How are you doing?

  • Hi Mary, I'm sorry you are having such a rough patch at the moment, it sounds very painful for you, and I hope very much that it packs its bags and goes away, but as you say these things have a very nasty habit of hanging around don't they..... :-( I'm ok-ish, the humid weather here is making me hurt, but not as badly as you, clearly. I am touching my head (wood !! ) and saying my back spasm seems to have eased, so I can cut back on diazepam and not take oramorph top ups, which pleases me. I just want everyone here to feel better as we go into autumn, I feel so incompetent knowing how many people here are suffering so much and wish I could do so much more to help than I can.

    Sending healing thoughts your way my friend :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi I get the pain right around from my vertebrae to my ribs almost as I a having what I imagined was a heart attack got the doc out last time just to check. It wasnt a heart attack thank goodness but my very painful.

    I hope yours has eased now.

    x gins

  • HI Gins I think it was from you I first heard of this

  • I get sore ribs due to my swollen stomach which gets worse in the evening, sometimes I have to push my stomach out of the way with my hands.

  • has anyone ever had a chest xray for this condition?

  • I haven't,however had the last bout not cleared up,the next step would have been an X ray,it lasted for several weeks,I'm not sure if any one else has routinely been sent for one for it,be interesting to know if they have and whether it showed the inflamed area/areas,can I also say for me when I have a flare up I find it incredibly tender to touch anywhere round my ribs,unbearable in fact,even now I find certain areas of my rib cage sore to touch.

  • I had xrays done when I had my first bout years back in 2006, but they were clear.

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