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vindictive neigbours................ help

hi all, im in the surport group e.s.a. and have disability as well. I dreading November as both pf them run out next year and I will probably get all the forms to fill in in November..for both.the problem ive got is a vindictive neighbour has reported me to e.s.a. saying im gardening. we live in flat s by the way. and to d.l.a. the same thing and also that my couison who s my carer and driver, I share flat with, has been driving the dla car going work in it.......he also is on e.s.a. .......shes reported him as working and driving the car to work.....................he doesn't work hes off fishing,.. and goes in a van with his mate [hobby that he needs to get away from me for a bit]lol.......this woman knows hes fishing and I don't garden. although I have sat outside on the bench and pulled a few weeds up around the shrubs...she says shes got photos of me doing this......all this is because her son in law took over the residents car park with cars that hes been doing up and selling....and no one could park.......she was reported by 6 residents to the council, shes taking it out on us......they grow cannabis plants and stink us out doing it, a viscouse staffy dog, that's had another dog in the flats.[ big vets bill there] I have had to take our dog to my daughters 300 miles away to keep it safe..........council seem to be doing nothing...........but anyway. my cousin has now received from the fraud place a letter saying hes got go for a interview.....I heard nothing as yet but I know she would have done me to.....I have had migraine ever since all the carry on outside, we put ourselves on the swop list the day she moved in under us......fibro...m.e. i.b.s is going beserk.........does anyone know what I should expect to happen................ thank you......a very stressed and tired Julie xxxx

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Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your neighbours, best plan of action would be in writing to both your local housing official, but add in your local MP, for good measure. Once they seen both names on the letter they are bound to act.

Also keep a diary of your activities - i.e. sat on bench and pull the head off a weed, but also note their activities, espically if they are hassling you.

If you speak to other neighbours get them to do the same the more evidence the better.

You could then raise this with the police, to get a presence in the area.

And speak to Social Services and demand a move on health grounds as your nerves are shattered.

I know these are only words, but it you want to speak to someone, even to get things off your chest drop me a line ok.

Chin up and smile

we are with you

Mucks x


thanks for that, theres more to it...theve scratched our car bonet [D.L.A. CAR].....intimidating the neigbours. weve all complained. the woman dealing with it had her in the office, she was warned that if she reports anyone being malicouse, she will suffer the conceqenses and loose her tenancy. she agreed not to, and nicely went and reported us both and a young girl downstairs saying her boyfriend living there....and moved a big caravanette to the end so that no one can hoover there cars out, and the young girl had a bed deliverd from argos and they couldn't get it past the caravanette. if any of us need ambulance or fire brigade weve had it...shes also pulled up some of the cuz is expected to get jumped on out there,the council have set up a response team just in case.... on sat her son got bottled in the face, she is just evil. Im worried about being called In the benefits office now getting more and more stressed about it...........also I already worrying and stressed about renewing my esa and disability all in the same month...........I just don't need this.....shes clever woman, she knows I suffer from stress so went for me big time, she shouted, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!! gods sake.......we cant prove it them lot doing these things.....


Hi there you really are going through a terrible time but this is going to take time and lots of reports to the council and ask if they have a liaison officer so that you can work with this person. I know our council take this very seriously. This will also give you a back up voice in an official capacity that can confirm you side of things if esa wanted to be reassured. hope this helps just been through something similar myself. xx


Hello ginge, what a horendous way to live, this sounds like this god awful woman was moved from somewhere else due the terrible behavour, and she is at it again.

The vehicles. have you rang the police about abandond cars etc, if they are not registered to the address, then they have been dumped, yes?.

The other stuff needs reporting and threatening behaviour needs incident reporting and reference number for each call from the police, and enter them up in a diary, and would some of the neighbours do this as well?

But don't look out and view anything and be discret when talking with the neighbours.

Do you have access to a cam corder, or video feature on mobile phone? A photo of fist waving, and other stuff is good eveidence of her actions.

Would the police liase with the council or housing association about this threatening behaviour, you said she had damaged your car, did your report it to the poilce and had pictures taken?, then a police report could then be forwarded to the motability insurance company and they may sue for crimal damage and persue her for costs etc.

I understand this could make you more unwell, but somebody like her and family should not be allowed to wreck a peaceful community like yours.

Please don't allow her threats to stress you out evenmore, if the dwp were taking anything seriously then, would they be intouch and asking questions. Your need to renew your claims for esa and dla from november, don't let this make you ill with worry, they have to get accurate reports from medical people. This woman is a vindictive person, who enjoys wrecking other peoples lives by her nasty behaviour and threatening actions.

You mentioned they grow canabis , well if the police are interested, they may want to do a 6am raid and arrest them all, then the council would have to act, as I think the growing of drugs is against their tennancy agreement, they may be moved out, or jailed.

I hope you and your neighbours can get some positive action against this woman, but the main point is keep calm and stay out of her way as much as possible, and get a police presence around your homes, she may just shut up and stay indoors, I hope so keep in touch, ttfn


Oh Julie, how horrible for you. Official know that many reports are vindictive but can understand it is stressful. I would get to know your housing official and make sure they know why you want to move. Keep notes and keep strong. Gentle hugs

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Hi ginge

I am so sorry to read that you are being forced to endure such horrid emotional pain at the hands of thoughtless people, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I just wanted to say that I agree totally with Muckster, I truly believe that this is the way to go!

I want to wish you all the best in finding the answers that you desperately desire and deserve.

Ken x


thanks all. I will wait for a letter come from from benefits office and just deal with it,,,, im just so upset at the vindictiveness.......ive never known it before.........I am paranoid now about going out through the door..........another neighbour said that shes picked us out because she doesn't like my accent,,,,,,,im from the potteries and live in cornwall...she told them that....thanx again xx


Hello again, most councils have mobile cctv set-up's which can be placed in the area without knowledge, ask for these to be put into action. I really really wish I could be of more help. Remember note things down, dates, times etc. I know its hard, but try and put them out of your mind, for your own sanity. Have you informed your doc?



Hi Ginge, totally agree with Muckster, get onto your local housing officer and ask why they have not got mobile cctv on this person already. If no joy contact environmentsl services at locsl councill it is their job to sort out all disputes, and antisocial behaviour. Housing associations and councils have more power to evict tenants for this kind of behaviour now than evrr before. If they have had 6 complaints about these people already i would keep up pressure on council to take action, especially as it is having adverse effect on your health. I would also tell doctor this is why you are so stressed and contact cab, who will do home visit if necesary and explain your fears re esa, dla they can help you with this. Please do not feel you have to live with this, you do not. You can contact police re cannabis and dangerouse dog, the laws on dogs attacking have also been strengthened recently. I wish you good luck and hope you are able to enjoy a peaceful home soon.


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I completely sympathise but also feel powerless to help. With the availability of cctv can you set up something yourself? Not too obvious. there are loads out there but it's not easy to choose the right one. They can record on a loop and are acceptable as evidence. There's a balance between price, time on the loop and detail on the recording - you want to identify the perpetrator, not just see someone in a "hoody". I'm amazed the council don't seem more sympathetic, they are providing a service for your rent. Its stressful being on the end of this and stressful dealing with the authorities. I wish there was an easy way. As Shazzzy says the laws have been strengthened but still weak. Dogs MUST be under control - that's an old one and usually better than dangerous dogs act - cos it works


Hi, I really understand where you are coming from. We went through 10yrs of terrible neighbours. We had fireworks put through our door, bricks thrown into garden. My daughter who has learning difficulties and cerebral palsy would stay in her bedroom.

It feels very personal doesn't it. I just hope you find peace very soon. The advice from other posts is good and I can't add to it. Maybe your neighbours can also keep notes to back you up in any complaint?




It is absolutely appalling how some neighbours behave.

I have also just read this from Benefits at Work, which will just encourage this type of activity.


Just after the last newsletter went out we reported that a new vehicle check service on the DVLA website allows anyone to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) or either rate of the mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP).

We urged our visitors to complain to DVLA and the information commissioner if they were unhappy with this situation - and it seems that many of you did.

Whilst DVLA refuse to back down, the information commissioner’s office is investigating the issue and has received so many complaints that they are now saying that they are no longer looking at individual concerns and people should watch the DVLA website for news.

Meanwhile, a national expert in data protection has supported our argument that DVLA is breaching the rights of disabled claimants, calling our analysis ‘excellent’ and adding ‘I hope the DVLA will rethink.’


Thank you all for your wonderful support. I will let you know how it ends up. Thanx again. Xxx


I think you should just get a shot gun!!! X :)

Reply are a very helpful group to go to, they have lots of the information that atos don't want us to know about, with regard to filling out the forms and what you can do to help yourself when you have to have interviews/medicals etc.

I went to them for help for my husbands forms, he has ptsd and the esa form was an absolute nightmare. I did what the web site said to do and he was put into the support group without a medical.

With regard to your neighbour, I would ring the none urgent police line. Tell them all about the cars in the carpark, the wacky backie they are growing, the dog, everything, I know they will tell you to keep a diary of every incident, and you can go to all of your other neighbours and get them to do the same. That diary along with your incident number from the police will be your defence against her. Your beat bobby (local area police person) should talk to the council. It's not quick, but it does mean that the dhss people will be aware that you have a nasty neighbour and will be on your side.

Just remember you have done nothing wrong, this neighbour just doesn't realise that there are laws in place that mean you can not be a bully and act like a child just because you feel like it.

I hope this helps x


hi there,

so sorry to hear that you are having such a horrid time. i cannot offer any advice as you have received many a good idea. i know it is easier said than done but try not to stress to much and dont let this person get the better of you you are worth more than that.

you say that your forms are due soon. there are many good sites out there which have forums that can help with advice and support. i am a member of one and they are brill. they helped me when i was filling my husbands forms and my own. we have both had our medicals he was placed in WRAG but we went for manditory reconsideration and he was moved over to support group. i have just got my letter through and i to have been placed in WRAG and i to have applied for reconsideration, just waiting. if you want the web address for this site which is free just let me know they are brill they have templates for all sorts of letters, forms etc, pointers for how to fill in esa50 etc.,

keep safe and dont stoop down to the level of you neighbour and try and saty focused and keeping yourself balanced and free of stress. so go and run a nice hot bath light some candles and have a nice soak and allow yourself to think of nice things, i find this helps me.

kind regards



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