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Thank you yesterday's dog walk turning into nightmare!

Thank you to everyone for your kind replies after my horrible exsperience yesterday after my terrier dog Tess decided to run off and go home on her own whilst taking her for a walk.

It left me feeling totally drained and feeling quite I'll after trying to...walk trot stumble stop and trot again,it was awful that I am no longer to be able to move fast enough to catch up with her,I don't know why she done this,sadly for her the old girl...her not me...will have to stay on a lead.

It sad that some of the replies are at the stage know that what used to be such a lovely easy thing to go walking our dogs has become such a mammoth task.

I am most certainly hurting today,my ankles are so stiff walking is very difficult and I am drained of energy.

Thank you once again,tonight I shall certainly have the Epsom bath as suggested by Emma,I couldn't even climb into the bath last night!

Pink blossom..xxxx

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why not soak your feet with the salts?

hugs (( :) ))



Sounds lovely,maybe I shall have a word with my partner and see if he can give them a massage for me...oh heaven!



Hi hunni

I had a dog like that once upon a time. She was an Alsatian called Elsa. She would go out with me but would not go on her lead, she always got home before me. In the end I gave up trying to keep up with her. She knew her way, never went near roads and would wait on the step for me. That was back in the day when you could take your dog out without a lead, long time ago.

Now we have a labrador called Rambo, he is nearly four. At first he was great, then one day he just ran off. He ran out into the road narrowly escaping a van. Then he headed for a housing estate and someone had the front door open. Luckily enough for my hubby and daughter he ran straight past. He is Rambo by name, Rambo by nature. Had he run into that house he would have trashed it. So now he goes nowhere without his lead and he is never allowed off.

But I have heard of older dogs doing this. My mother in laws dog started it, she was very old and the vet says she was reliving her puppy days. Hard to believe dogs can suffer dementia in old age.

But you should have a lovely soak and I am so sorry I missed your previous blog xxxxx


Hi ozzygirl

Thanks for your reply,I'm sorry to hear you had an awful exsperience like me,its so frightening when it happens,it makes your blood run cold,two days on and I'm still exhausted,my legs and ankles feel like i have run for miles!

All though she remembered where she lives I'm pretty sure she suffers with a bit of dementia,she does some strange things sometimes like just staring into space,one day I watched her and it was like she was looking at something moving,I could see her eyes slowly following whatever it was she was seeing,i have also found her standing in the shower,not doing anything just standing there,she used to run a mile when I told her she was having a shower!

Shame you missed my original blog,if you click on my picture you should see what I have written recently,it will probably make your blood run cold if you read it!

Take care Hun,soft hugs.



Will go and check it out now hun. I have been out all day and not long got on here xxxxx


Hi Pinkblossom.

I had a frightening experience this morning when we took our 2 dogs out. Too tired to blog now but if I am up to it I'll write a blog tomorrow. My heart went out to you when I read your original blog this morning and I do also remember your doggie growling at the Atos man. SENSIBLE dog!

Try to relax as best you can. Thinking of you and sending loving, healing thoughts and comforting hugs. Saskia XX


Hi saskia

Nice to hear from you again,I know we have spoken on many occasions,I'm saddened to hear you have had bad exsperience when you walked your dogs,I do hope one of yours never took off like mine,hopefully when you are up to it you can tell us what happened,I do hope your fibro isn't to bad at the moment,take care Hun.

Sending you comforting hugs too.


Hi Julie,

Just about to have my brekkie and a ton of tablets! My massage therapist is coming at 10.30am...highlight of my week. He is very nice and although some of the spots he gets into are painful ( it isn't relaxing!) he does loosen me up a bit. Tomorrow I shall feel as though I have been kicked by a horse but then I shall start to feel a little bit better which will tide me over until next week!

Speak later!

Hugs Saskia. XX


Now that massage sounds like heaven to me!

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing session,maybe you could send him my way when he's finished with you!

I'm waiting to try acupuncture to see if I get any relief from my back pain,if you get time let me know how you are getting on with having a massage,I'd be interested to know whether you find it good,maybe that's also something I could discuss when I see pain management again which I have to see for them to arrange the acupuncture.


Hi Julie,

Just to let you know that I broke my wrist this afternoon when I fell over while out with the dogs on a sandy job it wasn't concrete!!!!

I have just got in from A&E having spent nearly 4 hours there. I have had my wrist manipulated under a local anaesthetic and am now sporting a half- plaster cast and a sling!. Luckily it is my left wrist and I am right handed.

I'll tell you more tomorrow. Going to have a nice cup of tea and my husband is cooking me egg and chips...a nice comforting meal which I really fancy.

Bye for now. Love and half a Saskia XX


Oh saskia i can't believe this has happened!

My god I hope it wasn't a bad omen with us talking about our dogs,you poor poor thing,you must be in absolute agony,and you started the day off so well with your massage,I guess once its healed you'll be needing physio on it,sounds to me like your husband is taking good care of you,I love egg and chips...can't eat as on diet!

I do hope you manage to get some sleep tonight,keep yourself topped up with yet even more painkillers.

I have work in the morning but I shall get in touch when I get home to see how you are getting on.

Extra special healing thoughts and very gentle hugs to you.


Your welcome but no need to say Thank You really.

Glad to help .. sorry you are aching. Hope the nice warm epsom salt bath helps :)


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