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Stop today I want to get off

Well I was in pain from the neck down this morning, had to take pain killers before I got up (which I don't usually) then I had to clear 2 days of snow off the car so that I could get to work. When I got here there was a florist van in my parking space (I work for a funeral director and the flowers were for one that was being held today). When he went I reversed into the space, which I normally go in front ways and hit a post, yet another scrape on my poor old car !!

My back then decided to go into spasm so I am in agony and reheating the wheat bag in the microwave every 15 minutes to hold against my back.

The funeral wasn't originally leaving from my office but because they had to come and pick the flowers up they decided it would. I was asked to move my car so that the hearse could park there. Went to move it - would not go backwards or forwards, and I couldn't use the spade I had brought because my back hurts so much.

The funeral cortege arrived a few minutes early and managed to move my car for me, they put it over the road about 50 yards away. My walking stick is in the car and they left my spade at the office, so when it is home time I have to cross a very busy road where cars come flying round a blind bend, walk 50 yards in the snow and ice without my walking stick, carrying my spade.

What's the betting that I am off sick for the rest of the week.

Oh well could be worse I suppose.

Take care everyone

Lynne x

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Could you ask someone in your workplace to bring the car back there for you or at least put the shovel in the car and get your stick for take care x


Thanks Mary for replying. Unfortunately I work totally alone unless I have a funeral leaving from here. The colleagues that were here today are long gone.


It is sad but true people just don't think what is easy for them is not so easy for us. You are proberbly like me and many others who feel they just keep saying "um I can't do that " !! I don't know about you but there are only so many times you can tell people that. I found it very hard to ask for help,however now I have no choice as I can do very little for myself and people still don't see it. :0(

I do hope its all sorted out for you x a big squidgee hug for you (((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x x


big hugs, there must be something in the air, i have been flaring in my back and arm, my car slid and lost a hubcap and i knocked my dads garage door out wen i slid on snow, and my ex is screwing me over on money so its def a crap day nd i will be glad to start fresh tomorrow, i hope ur tommorrow is better too!!!

huggles Tinker xxx


My first thought was use the spade as a walking aid. My second thought was that you are really having a rotten time of it right now. So I am sneding you lots and lots of gentle hugs xxxxx


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