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Moan time

I am really fed up how this illness dictates my life ,yesterday was good day. Sun was shining which very unusual. Washing out blowing, jobs done, good friend visited. Picture of my gorgeous 5 week old granddaughter sent by (what's app, if you haven't got download on your phone . photos and texts can be sent free)

But today I'm so tired, sun is still shining. I want to do things but fibro has decided that's not going to happen. Sometimes I can't sleep at night then I cant sleep in the day either . but other times I sleep OK at night but then get so tired in the day.This illness is so frustrating. Sorry just needed a moan. Thanks for being there

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Shall join you in a good moan, Fed-up - your life sounds very like mine! I suppose we just have to pace ourselves and be thankful for what we do have.

I'm particularly cheesed off today, 'cos i spent four and a half hours in outpatients - in hope of feeling better - and shall now be worn out for two days!

Ah well - could be much worse.

Love Moffy x


I know how you both feel the sun is shining here and so its a lovely day bu I'm sad on the settee with 3 hot water bottles because yester while I was in one of the Supermarket I was bending down to get something on the bottom shelf but lost my balance and fell om floor hurting my left arm and amongst other things, I've now got pain in places I don't usually have pain and now in pain all over my body!!! They did call an Ambulance but one of the paramedics treated me badly and yanking my coat of me after telling that my elbow and top of my arm was so painful, did the blood pressure on my bad arm and even though I hit my head and cut my lip inside, she dismissed me by saying there is nothing wrong and you haven't got concussion!!! I've made a complaint to the hospital but the supermarket deserve a medal for the way they helped me!! I just hope the pain eases. That's my moan for the day and I can't go out and I hope I will feel easier tomorrown will visit my GP and see what she says. Take Care... Aisha xoxoxo


This problem occurs a lot. sad to say. Yesterday most of the staff in out patients were OK but one or two were bad. I cant dress or undress myself from the waist down and my husband said Oh I need to help her get on the bed and take her clothes off. The woman said " No need we can do that" I went to the ward on my scooter and she said " why are you not in a wheel chair,hope you can get off that ok ) I stood up very carefully as I fall backwards if I rush she said right this off and heaved my top off....then before I took a step to hold onto the chair she got hold of my nics and trousers inc thermals and just yanked them down to my knees,and said now if you sit down you can do the rest I hope. I explained I cannot lift my legs to get them off,sat down and she took them off me. Told me to get on the bed ,I couldn't do it ,and luckily a lovely nurse came and helped me. She even told the nurse who pushed me to be careful as I was very heavy !! Lovely person !!!

Anyway enough of my moaning.............we have sunshine again today ;-) lets hope we all feel better tomorrow x x

Rainbow x x x


After just coming out of a 10 day flare I can totally sympathise you just never know when it's going to strike I went to bed planning to go to GPS today to see if I could up med dose this week instead of next ,,, and woke up feeling today is good .. It's so stupid... Sorry about your supermarket incident Aisha hope you feel better soon .. Moffy fingers crossed for tomorrow and Fed up and rainbow never apologise for the moan , we all understand,

VG xx


Thanks so much . you are all a tonic and worth your weight in gold. . it is so good to have people who understand me. Aisha I do hope your arm gets better soon. Rainbow you shouldn't have been treated so disrespectfully. Even if the nurses are under stress. Moffy I do hope you go on alright. Grumpy your a star. Fibro is stupid and frustrating because nothing is predictable. Bit like our weather eh. Thanks for being here. Gentle hugs to you all xxx


i know i feel the same i have no life all i am doing is existing , can't walk far as pain in back and hips .Just putting washing on the line is so hard .Can't play with my 2 year old granddaughter .i lost my partner 2 years ago as he could not cope with my illness and weight gain due to steroid injections.what is there to look forward to.i have joined a social meet up group but still feel what's the point. The depression is another thing you have to deal with with fibro i am so fed up being like this i want my life back without pain.i have a tribunal coming up as well for mobility as i can walk without pain stupid health work don't know Jack he was hitting knee with a little metal hammer said it hurt .There is nothing wrong with my knee well there is due to go to the hospital for knee there is no cartlidge left and very bad osteoarthritis. Rant over sorry guys.



Hey we should have a 'moan time' blog every day. For anyone who needs the rant. I say, once again, this site is so good. We all give each other so much on here. Take care all you needing-a-rant-today people.


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