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72 hours without CRYING

Just thought let all my new fibro friends know, NOT CRIED FOR 72 hours now oh how wonderful that it is not to feel like your choking back tears all the time.

Had another bad night though dont feel refreshed. Today is going to be a struggle.

This exhaustion is terrible I think that is worse for me than pain. Do any of you feel like this?

The head still foggy as well I think maybe headache on its way back as its be lurking in the background for the last day or so thought it had gone.

The sun is shining so that is a good start again so I shall begin battle with the day again, like so many of us!!!!


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Hope you have a lovely day. I had a bad night awoke at 2 didn't get back asleep til bout 5 - I had my 4 year old granddaughter over night and she woke at 6.30 saying I love you ganmoo xx this with the sunshine will get me through the day x gentle hugs xx


Yes for me the relentless never being able to sleep was indeed the worst... Finally I have found the right combo of night meds for me ... Fortunately I have a great GP who has gone with me trying med after med and now I get 7 hours of sleep every night...

The day are still hard as I haven't found anything to get rid of the constant pain... But with a nights sleep everything looks better ... So if you have a good GP keep going back and trying until hopefully you will find a combo or single med that works for you .... My Gp put me on 75 mg dosulepin at night and the pain clinic put me on 0.5 mg of clonezapam. At night ... I take them at 10pm and by midnight I am asleep and sleep through till the the alarm wakes me at 7 am... If I sleep later I find the pain in the day is worse... But that's just me...

Fingers crossed you find something for you

VG x


Hi Mo I have been awake since 3.00am this morning usually I enjoy it but to day no too hot I never thought I would say that. I am really looking forward to being able to shower again when this triple bandages come off my legs. I have just been upstairs and found a tiered cotton skirt a little jiggery pokery and it is swirling about my legs great stuff it is making me smile now :) Best of lick with you night time pain killer combinations xgins


should say Luck not lick well if licking helps go for it xgins


Good morning (? no it is p.m.!) How are things today? I've shifted migraine, thinking of going out for a ride on my scooter a bit later.

If your social diary is not too full this afternoon, let me know how you are! :) Tulip xx


Hi Tulip

Social diary whats that he he Had a rough day just felt hopeless and so shattered. Took a Zopiclone last night as I had not slept so had a good night.

Thought today would be good but struggled with tiredness and just managed to hold tears at bay not crying not doing it gone too long with no tears to start again.

Hope you had a good afternoon out on scooter

Going to let dogs out and get off to bed soon so be in touch tomorrow.

Merlinmac xx


I know sometimes you need to get on top of the crying, other times crying can be a relief, Keeping busy can help, but of course that's not always an easy option for us!

I feel for you very much. I think you are a strong woman, with so much to contend with try not to be too hard on yourself. I'm sure you will come through this. I'll look out for you tomorrow, in the meantime wish you sweet dreams Tulip xx


I agree the fatique is so hard to cope with sometimes I feel completely exausted !!!! The meds help I wouldn't manage anything without my tablets , I used to worry about taking so many but without then I would be a reck !!!!! So what's best ? Having a bit of life with the tablets that's best for me !!! They allow me to do some things normal people do !!! Like a bit of shopping and last week we went to the cinema !!! I was so stiff by the time it ended but it was good to go out !!! I'm in bed by 7pm most nights but only getting few hours sleep I'm in agony and with a head full of fog and most days the thought of getting ready to go out is awfull to do hair kills me and I'm a hairdresser !!!! I used to spend all my hours doing hair It kills me not being able to do mine !!!! If you had told me years ago that I would not do hair I would have called you a liar !!!!! This illness is crippling in more ways than one !!!!

Try not to be so hard on yourself take care xx


You sound in a terrible way its the fatigue that I am finding very difficult at the moment and this funny head. My hair is long and I can just about brush it with a bit of trouble then fasten it up in clip done although a bit of mind over pain always wait a while before doing it. When I was told what was wrong I could have cheered until I read about it and thought oh my goodness its going to go worse. But had a bad day today not good in anything but had a couple of reasonable days and have managed to combat tears today although very near did not want to slip now got to make a week.,

I hope you have a good night and hope we get some sleep.

I will try not to be hard on myself and the same goes for you.




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