Ok people the sky is a beautiful blue the sun is shining and it looks like a wonderful day so i am gonna walk through my pain and take my little dog out for half an hour at least my partner has gone to golf so thats nice for him, i have no dinner to cook so am gonna let that sun get onto my face and hopefully make me feel so much better will be back on here later hope you all have sun take care love to you all Diddle xxxx

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  • oooh lucky you diddle ,im in norwich and its horrible here all grey and yucky

    pass some of that weather over here ,im not too far away lol

  • oooh its brightening up :-D yay !

  • mines gone again :(

  • no :( its raining

  • yes lol he hasnt got his hat on for me :)

  • well its now 3.15 pm grey sky and horrible drizzle and bitter cold too so now having hot hot hot bath and get under a blanket and my little doggy can lay next to me mmmmmmm how cosy i may even put the fire on !!!!!!!!! so much for the blue sky and sun earlier it was jus teasing me love to you all diddle x

  • Not here he hasnt lol he is crying his eyes out and freezing cold!!!!!

  • hi diddle we have had sun all day to day, it has been so nice ;)

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