dreading tomorrow don't know what to expect

eurrrrrrr no sleep, finally got up at 5 something, washed the few pots that was in the sink even managed to hang a bit of washing out as the sun was shining, my feet n body is so painful n i'm soooo tired, i made a drink n just crashed on the sofa i had only been up about an hour the dog came and sat with me what a comfort she is :) , i have this dreaded work focused interview for partners at the benefits office my husband has rang up as told them how can my wife have an work focused interview when i stopped working to take care of her this year and i get carers allowance for her and they said we need to see everyone once, i am dreaing it it is making me feel sick , will update you all tomorrow what it was like, so blooming fed up of it all

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  • My fella had to go to one and i broke down in teats and explained i was there coz he was my carer and couldnt be left on my own.

    It was quick painless and over in mins

    So please try not to worry.let us know how you go x

  • hi teresa good luck for tomorrow love beth xx

  • thanks ladies x lil gentle hugs x <3

  • Hello Teresa, I will be thinking of you, hope you get a good night sleep, and good luck tomorrow. x x x

  • THANK YOU XXX i am resting now as today is a baddddddd day xx gentle hugs xx

  • been to this interview took 5 minutes 3 questions my opinion waste of time or spoons, the lady said it wont take long it's just about updating our records which could of been done over the phone or by email 1 of the questions was do you still live at your current address and have same contact number AMAZING!!!!!!

  • How crazy is that??? x x x x

  • i know crazy aint it !!!

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