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Have a really lovely evening and i hope that you all get some sleep tonight especially me lol not being selfish when i say that but i do really need to get some sleep even if its 2 hours that would be something

lets hope that the sun is shining for us all tommorrow well it should do as it a;ways shines on the riteous (that not spelt right ) love to you all diddle xxx

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night night diddle love and hugs to you :) xxxxxxxxx


love and hugs to you too and golsd star to you for being agreat mum xxxx


aww thanks diddle xxxxxx :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Right didddle me love,no sugar no caffiene and no getting het up as to wether

you will sleep or not.

Just tell yourself at bedtime,that what will be will be.

And if the sandman doesn`t

visit,it`s off to the doctors for a short coarse of sleeping pills.

As I said you are now exspecting not to sleep and you need to get off this merry go round.

Hugs Butterfly xxxxx


I'm with Butterfly on this one Diddle. I went through that stage and its like you are going round in circles, not that I sleep all night now but at least I don't stress over it like I used to. I tend to stay up a bit later now and find I can get off easier that way. I also took the TV and computer out of the bedroom so when I am in bed its to sleep only. If I want to read or anything I do it downstairs before I go up.

Hope you have a better night tonight. You may be surprised and sleep all night! Take care, Love Angela xx


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