massive flare up and i'm scared

i'm having a really bad time with my illness at the moment so i might not be online for a bit x the pain started weds night i spent all day in bed thurs. today im doubled up in pain again all my muscles fell like they are in vices and i'm really scared the doctor said they can only increase my pain relief. need to be better my youngest is 9yrs old on mon and we are having a tea party with family sun. fingers crossed i start to feel better to celebrate.

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  • rest as much as pss sending gentle hugs xx

  • thinking of you x

  • Bless you Flange, try having a hot bath with some epsom salts and arometherapy oil of Lavender.

    Rest and keep warm.

    Soft HUgs

    Sue x x x

  • Bless your heart you will be ok you rest up and i am sure you will enjoyyour sons party just put lots of deep heat on and have nice warm baths love to you diddle xx

  • aw poor u.. its so horrible when u know u have to be well for something, when u feel awful inside.... i hate feeling under any pressure it makes me worse... hope ur ok xx

  • Aw I hope you feel better by Sunday and are able to enjoy the party. Try and get some rest over the next few days too, love Angela xx

  • Awwww poor you i so hope you will be feeling much better for your little boys birthday,plenty of rest,lots of love and get well hugs sent your way xxx

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