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The latest surprise

Well, I shouldn't be surprised by this body, but this week's situation did startle me. My latest mammogram has thrown up an anomaly :-/ As if everything else going on in this carcass of mine isn't enough lol!

Anyway, I got a callback on Thursday and attended at the breast-care clinic yesterday for further scans and investigations. Afterwards, I went in to see what the scans showed. It's very pretty and diaphanous, rather like a spider's web that has been stretched out. It's not small. So, it's a biopsy for me in 2 weeks' time, with the results of that the following week, hopefully. Likely an op after that.

Hey ho, it's a strange old life, isn't it... Am trying to stay philosophical about it. I had the same thing going on last year with my womb and it took 4 months to get to the end of that episode and get the all-clear after the op. Have hated my boobs since I was 12 years old. They have their own postcode and enter the room before the rest of me does! Men talk to them and rarely make eye contact lol. Ironic that I've been buying sexy lingerie recently pml.

My wonderful partner loves my chest and is now worried for me. Bless him, he brought me beautiful roses after clinic yesterday and filled the car with some citrus fruit trees I've been hankering after for months. It's not every day I sit in the car with the scent of lemons :-D

My smiles of appreciation made his eyes well up and we exchanged lots of cuddles. I know he'll be there for me, whatever happens. I just hope that it will all come to nowt, but if it goes the other way, then I couldn't wish for a better companion to see me through the challenges.

He's a diamond. My kitchen is full of the flowers he has bought me over the past month, and the porch smells of the lovely new arrivals which also include a massive rosemary bush and an olive tree. It is a healing place to be and I'll be spending even more time out there pottering with my beloved plants.

I'm blessed in so many ways, but am sad that my poor soul-mate is having to witness these medical issues that are part of our life together. I wish for his sake that it weren't so.

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I am so sorry I can empathise with you I had an anomaly last summer and had to go for further in depth scans and an ultra sound and then a biopsy .. After an anxious wait was just told it was changes due to age .... I said we should have thought of that before all the body alway feels like it is in its 70s.. So in addition to my fibro my ibs my arthritis I now have some elderly ladies boobs.... I think whoever has mine got the better deal.....

Fingers crossed for you

VG xx


Awhhhh - what a great love story - you are lucky to have such a good chap with you.

I do hope that your biopsy turns up clear - the majority of them do. Small breast lumps are very common, and need to be investigated, but most of them are benign, so here's hoping!

At any rate, even if the worse happens, at least it's caught early!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Love Moffy x


Bless him you have a good one there. Sorry to hear about your breast problem, hope the biopsy goes well and they don't find anything untoward. Whatever the prognosis you can get on and sort it knowing you have a wonderful husband to help you through it. All thinking of you x


thanks, girls :-) all good wishes gratefully received. am repeating a silent positive mantra when my mind cannot be distracted from the issue.

oh and my diamond fella's not my hubby yet, but I know he wants to be lol! from odd comments he's dropped, I think he's been working on a "surprise" trip somewhen soon :-D not sure if I'll need the passport though lol


Bless your heart, had a scare myself a year or so back so I know the worry. I do hope they get you in and sorted quickly as if you don't have enought to worry about and deal with.

So glad you got a fantastic partner that really helps with anything in life.

I will be thinking and sending loving and healing thought your way.

Hugs xx


sending positive thoughts your way Sammi , what a wonderful couple you are, so thoughtful and kind to each other

positive hugs xx


I echo irisjoy, I couldn't put it any better..

take care, (( :) ))

sandra .


And still they send us more things to deal with. For me it was lung disease to add to everything else. But you are a wonderful lady and your outlook is positive and optimistic. This alone will get you through. Plus you have a loving partner and it must be so hard for a caring partner to watch you going through all of this, but at least you are not alone. I wish you well and will look out for updates xxxxx


Good luck , Sammicat. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Had the same problem a few years back so know how worrying it all is . Please let us know how you get on.


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