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School holidays!

I know I should be enjoying the school holidays but half way through week 2 and I could cry! My 2 kids are 4, nearly 5, and 2.5 they don't play well together, individualy they're lovely and easy to entertain but together they're hard work, this made worse by the rain! Last week was awful 5 days on my own with them was enough to wish they were back at school already. Another 2 and a bit weeks till hubby is off and then we can go take them places but not much to do in the rain with little money and no car. Sorry to moan but I'm so tired they're up so early and it take me so long to get to sleep that I wish they would sleep in longer! My parents came round yesterday so that helped alot but they live too far away to come more often and my mum still works, 18 months till retirement. So the housewirk isn't getting done and I feel like I can't think without them screaming a fighting from dusk till dawn, and I can't leave them alone for a second without someone hitting it biting the other! And I've had enough!

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How about planning a daily activity with them, so today you could all sit down and make a list of things to do for the rest of the week, i realise your youngest is a bit young to have much input but hopefully he/she will join in.

So today you could maybe make a game of tidying the toy box or whatever you use, stop for a picnic lunch half way through, let them make their own picnic.

Tomorrow do some baking

Next day some drawing or painting

Find things to make a den then have a teddy bears picnic in it

And so on

It will give them something to look forward to and help them to learn that they can do things together without starting a war !

The days won't seem so long if there is something planned and they can be occupied for a while.

Hope that helps

Good luck !


Thanks for the suggestions, we do try to plan but they're up so early we have 8 hours to fill! We've made a big picture adding bits everyday and they're fighting before I get out of bed. I'll try your suggestions because I'll do anything to stop them killing each other and me! Better day today as it was drier got outside with the dogs that filled the morning.


You may not realize just how much your illness effects them . Sitting with them, playing a game, drawing or coloring, making cookies. They know something is not right with mom and it comes out in frustration for them . Read books to them . Include them as much as you can . Explain to them your limitations, they will want to be helpful . Let them help you with chores, kids love to clean . Give them structure and they will do better 😘

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Commiserations I bet you are at the end of your tether. I only said to the OH this morning that I do not envy anyone with fibro and young children in the long Summer holidays with the weather like it is. I think Bantam has some excellent suggestions as they love a little adventure even if it is indoors. I know my friends grandchildren love an indoor picnic and if they can be involved with the setting up of the camp and chosing what goes into it they are moer likely to want to play together in it.

Making cards and pictures with tons of paints and crayons and sparkly stuff (even for boys) seems to be a hit. Just cover the table and floor and let them get on with it whilst you have a well earned cuppa and sit down. Are there any children's clubs nearby that they could be involved with even if it is only the older one who goes. There are often things on for children at your local library which will be advertised on their website. Let us know how you are doing. x


Hi thanks for the reply this is my first summer of being very sore as fibro really only kicked in over winter last year. We have been making a big collage adding bits everyday, as it was drier today we walked the dogs this morning and collected leaves for our tree. Pay day tomorrow so will help. Haven't been able to find any kids clubs for under 5's unfortunately. I don't thinks she's stay without me anyway she's a home bird like her dad. 8 hours is a long time to fill each day especially in the rain but I'm thankful my oh is home by 4.30, this morning we were up at 6.30! 10 hours till daddy came home! Shopping tomorrow should be fun buying chalk paint for some projects quite looking forward to it, just wish the shop wasn't up hill!


Why is everything you want always up the top of a hill in our town everywhere I want to go always seems to be at the top part of town. I have started doing Adult Colouring books, very relaxing. Someone was kind enough to give me a £10 W H Smith voucher so bought the book and the local The Works place did tons of crayons, coloured pencils for knock down prices. If there is one near you worth a look as they have masses of things for children at the back that don't cost the earth, My friend who has 4 grandchildren had always assumed it was just books until I took her in and she came out laden with things for the kids and could not believe how cheaply she ahd bought them and she said they loved the stuff just as much as when she had paid top prices in other shops. I believe they have an internet site which is always good when you feel too fatigued to get out let your fingers do the walking. Hope you find some things on your travels to entertain. The collage sounds brilliant as at the end they can really see how they have contributed. to it. When I had a young neighbour I used to buy him a little cacti or something like that and we would make gardens in a tray with little rocks and gravel and a piece of shiny paper for a pool, hours of cheap fun. Also growing cress or doing potato men. You can tell I am going back to childhood.x


I know how you feel Hun, I've not done anything with my boy as don't have the energy, I'm just changing meds from fentanyl patches to morphine tablets and feel really crap but feel so guilty for not taking him out. His autistic and will run at any chance which is so dangerous and I've got no chance of catching him as my legs hurt and are so stiff, always have to have someone with us ( who can run fast lol). But what can we do but get through each day. Take care x


Thanks, I don't like watching the clock but when you're up at 6:30 and daddy isn't home till 4:30 its a long day when it rains! We have a play area in the garden with a comfy chair for mummy I can even push my 2 yo on the swing sitting down. Just need the sun to come out live is always better when it's dry outside! Saying that we were on the swings in the rain on Monday as I'd had enough of the fighting. Glad I'm not the only one


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck over the summer holidays. I also hope that you get some nice weather so you can all go out.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Your post has made me so happy and sad all at once.

Happy as I have close friends with 'little people' and we more spend time together during holidays-which I love.

I enjoy doing all the simple dirty crafts which their Mum's don't BUT I'm always glad that at the end of the day-I they go back home to Mummy & Daddy 😃

Sadness felt for you, as a mummy and clearly you want to spend time with your little ones (let's face it they grow so quickly).

It is very sad that the rotten illness we all share prevents you from doing that 👎😌

Hang in there-sounds like you're doing all the right things to help them & yourself.

I'll keep my fingers and toes X'd that we see more sun and less rain, which makes playing so much easier and tons cheaper!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️🌈☀️🌈☀️☀️☀️☀️


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