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mad as a hatter

Just wanted to rant as been to see a gastro consultant to get my results today and was met with a really angry man who said he dosn't know what goes on in my head and I should see someone(shrink) and live each day as if its my last.He can't help me. Then gave me the results and will write to the doc cause I need to see a surgeon but up to me if I have op or not at the mo but will need it later. Went after having stomach and bowel probs for ages but been having a lot of pain and nothing seems to help but he obviously thinks its all in my head. Wish he could experience it for a day then tell me its in my head. As if fibo pain isn't enough.

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Oh Madwoman,

I have so much empathy for you. So you have come up against a "eminent" gastro pod ! Bad luck are you going to see your Doc and sort out when you can see a surgeon.?

Sounded like a very strong message that he personally could not deal with . At that I shall say no more save for I hope your pain is low



Thanks so much for your reply, I just got the impression that he thought I wanted to have a problem which isn't the case I just wanted to know if there was a cause for it and if not any thing else I could do to help myself. I will go see the doc but will leave it for couple of weeks to give time for his letter to reach them and discuss if they think I should see someone now or wait until a later date as its something that could wait but will need sorting as will get worse but depends on time scale but hey ho tomorrows another day and not gonna let it get to me after all I'm just a complete fruitloop. lol xxx


You know for ages that was all I wanted was there a cause, what can be done, when!

They seem to think sometimes we are enjoying going through this. Oh for a doctor with Fibro though I would not wish it on anyone.

, You are also right today is another day and we all face the dawn some what expectantly to see what will be occuring with them muscles, them bones, them dry bones etc etc .

Have a good day keep smiling !



Hi madwoman,

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read of your horrid appointment with a clearly unpleasant person. What jumped out at me was that if you have nothing wrong with you why would you need surgery? The information that he has given you appears quite contrary? And I would truly understand if you were left feeling confused by him?

I think if I were in your shoes, I would have a good long discussion with your GP about this, and see what your GP feels is for the best? If your GP thinks there is an imminent issue with your health is may be advisable to write to your local health authority and / or PALS expressing your concern about this medical professional.

I genuinely hope that everything works out well for you and please keep us all up to date with how you get on?

Al my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Sorry you had such a horrible time. As Ken says, you must have been right to have it checked out if they have advised that you will need surgery, they wouldn't make that recommendation if it was in your head!

The consultant had no right to make you feel this way and I would think about whether a complaint would be suitable (& not too stressful for you).

Good luck discussing with your GP and hope he can give you some peace of mind and clarification on what choices you need to make.

Gentle hugs xxx


Perhaps the gastro man would like to talk to a rheumatologist. Mine talk together so that they take all my symptoms into the big picture.


Does he now sport a black eye?

Wishing a good day. And sending a special fluffy.

Here catch.


Are we throwing fluffie today what sport could be wimbledon whizz bat whizz bat! :D


The more adventurous Fluffies like the odd air born experience it gives them a tickle in the tummy and allows them to practice backward flips.

For when we are not snuggled up with them they are practicing bed bouncing for the annual bed bouncing bonanza. Which to you and me is an opportunity to suss out a mate. Many a happy fluffie union has been born at the bonanza.

They appeal to you to put your bat down as being buffed back and forth gives them head aches.


This is one of the worst cases I've read. Sounds like this guy needs striking off - or just striking. That is appalling.

Wishing you better luck with GP. Seriously folks, what can you do with someone like that. How does the complaints procedures go? as if a fibromite needs that extra stresss :(

Don't know about fluffies but I'll throw my hamster. She'll shred his lips :P


That is harsh badger but he warrants it,

I should send my men round to trim his hedges. (naughty me I apologise I do not want to offend anyone)


Thankyou all so much for your replies it made me feel better just to write it down. I won't put in a complaint as would rather just get on with whatever today brings and who knows maybe he needs help more than me lol xx Thankyou for the fluffy and gins you did make me laugh, I don't normally post much but i do read alot of the posts but your replies have made me feel so much better and its so nice to know that others do care. Hope you all have a good day and not in to much pain and lets see what fruitloop things I can get up to today. xxxx



This is appalling behaviour from a professional and he should know better, he definitely should be reported because this could put someone over the edge, If you think about one of your worse days and then you get spoken to like this person spoke to you, well who knows what might happen.

I know you do not want to go down that road as it is probably so stressful just thinking about it but a letter to the hospital just to let them know how you were treated might be a life saver. this is a Doctor who should not treat anyone in that way.

Sorry I am ranting now as it really upsets me when I hear of things like that.

Take cage and kindest regards



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