I was at home yesterday i painted my bathroom tiles a few years ago but they were looking shabby i cant do the scraping thing woulkd kill me so my daughter took me to town to get some paint stripper i was half way through when my parents turned up they had bought me a new vaacume cleaner as they know i struggle with mine as it is too haevy for me it is so light i can pick it up with my fingers

then like a typical dad he wanted to see what i was doing upstairs and next thing he went home got changed came back and done the whole lot for me bless

not only that my mum called me later that evening and said Dad is coming round next week he ids gonna decorate your bathroom for you and we gonna get you a new carpet eveything

I know i have said this before on here but i really do have the most wonderful parents ever they have completley decorated and re vamped my whole house in a year it started last may when they turned up with a flat screen tv a big 43" one they got a man round to fit it all on the wall for me and from that they decporated and carpeted my lounge/dining roon/hall/stairs/landing/my bedroom/ they bought me a new sofa new furniture

so i cant thank them enough as i spend alot of time at home now it is so minimalistic and easy to look after it really is

love Diddle x

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  • Ohhh wow !!!

    How very lucky you are diddle :-) what a wonderfull mum and dad you have

    would they like to adopt me :-) lol

    love and gentle hugs xxxx :-)

  • how lovely ,your are a lucky diddle :) xxxxx


  • You are a very very lucky girl to have such devoted parents xx

  • Thats lovely Diddle, just what you need to cheer you up after a rotten week

    love Jax xx :)

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