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Like the bad penny.....I'm back!

Hello all my fibro friends, I'm sorry I haven't been around for the past month but I've had so much going on.

OH now loves and works in Canada leavings flying solo with the kids but we have got into a routine fairly quickly, however fibro has tried to throw a spanner in the works as it always does and I've had an awful flare up that just about drove me demented! I seem to be developing new symptoms all the time. Just when you think you've seen it all and felt it all, along comes different pain!

The day of my long awaited appointment to the pain clinic arrived and I was so happy. At last, I would get some help with the agony of this trigenimal neuralgia, only for my little girl to be so poorly I couldn't leave her with anyone. I rang the clinic and explained. So now it turns out I have to back toy go and get put back on the 17 week waiting list!!!!!!

I have been reading blogs as and when I can but I've missed you all so much and I'm happy to be back however you will have to bear with me as my new phone is a touch screen and I've never had one wouldn't believe how long it's taken me to write this blog lol!

Looking forward to catching up with you Charlii xx

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Nice to hear from you Charlii, glad its working out for your OH in Canada .... Sorry you missed your pain clinic appt, hopefully they will get you in quicker than 17 weeks.. Glad you are still reading blogs and keeping up with everyone's news... Looking forward to hearing from you again



Charlii - good to see you back!

New moves always bring complications, but I'm sure you will cope - you're a strong person and you always manage. Will you be visiting Canada before too long? What a thrill that would be - I've always wanted to visit there..

I've got a touch-screen as well, not too keen on it to be honest - I'm a bit of a Luddite, so mostly I use my laptop.

Hope we hear from you again very soon.

Moffy x


Nice to see you again Charlii, it sounds like you've been through the mill, I'm so sorry everything sounds to have been really tough and now having a 17 week wait hmmm, could you ask for a cancelation , just a thought ?

Canada is such a lovely place, so I hope you will soon be able to get there to visit him. I spent two months there years ago and I very nearly decided to up sticks and move there. Our vicar has been given a job in Vancouver Island, so he and his young family are moving over in July, I would so love to visit them, they've offered me open house, so given a good spell and a few more savings I may end up going there, It will be very different to Ontario where I had friends who I stayed with, I was so lucky to be there for the back of the summer, into the fall with its incredible colours and the night before I came home a huge snowfall which would have put this country into a spin, but life there carried on much as normal.

Wishing you well Charlii. Foggy x


Chaaaarli :)

I've missed you alot. I went off for a bit too but I'm around. I'm sorry for all the unpleasant symptoms, I really hope they improve for you.

Also want to wish you good luck with the new one, once you're used to it, touch screens are MUCH easier believe me!

Gentle (((Hugs)))

wanderingwallflower xx


Welcome back Charlii, you have been missed. Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she is better. Its sad that you have had to go to the back with pain clinic.

Get to grips with new phone.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jo :)


Hi Charlii, like you I don't always get to post but read the blogs most days, nice to see you back, hope you get appt for pain clinic sooner than 17 weeks!


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